Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Ha ha ha! Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… which one’s me then… like I need to ask!


dude, I have to tell you, all the time that I see that granny she makes me laugh strongly!
I love this work!



The Granny on the left is KILLING ME…hahhaha :scream:

Unique stuff. :slight_smile:


Ahahaha, these grannies are soooo funny! I love your style in 3d so keep it up!:thumbsup:


Don’t know if this is a good thing or not but the left granny really looks scary as hell. She reminds me of those they talk in horror tales about creatures living under your bed and all that :eek:


jajajaja i’m agree…she look like my grandmother.:eek:


Cheers for the responses peoples!

Hammajamma, sergage, thierry, melkao - ta!

Lukep - Ive brought the eye sockets out a lot to reduce the shadowing around her eyes. Also lowered her head so the hair looks longer. These changes can be seen in an imminent update. If you look at my challenge page, youll see the initial concept. She is striking out at the fat granny with a walking stick :slight_smile:

glenn - Good idea! Not sure if id have enough room on her cart for em though.

garddog - they already have plenty of wrinkles, you just can see them from a distance. Ill probably do something to soften up granny 2’s hair later.

gpepper - I guess. But my art director at work says that even the most despicable, evil villains have an appeal to em. If you make them look too evil, then they lose their character. Ill tone the evilness down for the next update. Zelda from ‘Terrahawks’ was really evil, a robot AND covered in wrinkles, but she was still kinda cute and cuddly…

luciferous - heh - yeah. I might just settle for my camera phone - its always on me, unlike my camera.

paperclip - hmmm… i wouldnt go as far as polishing a space just yet - there are loads of damned good entries!

duddlebug - nice skirt mrs Duddle!

posh - Me likes your shiny new avatar! Very corpse bridey. I take it youre the skinny one of the 2 grannies? Duh!

agou, dimitris, gus - nice to know they make folks laugh :thumbsup:

nemirc - yeah… perhaps too scary - im gonna tone her down a tad.


Click on the pic for the proper size.

Ive finished both variations of scooters, and tweaked the grannies a little bit. Granny 1 is less scary, has a lower forehead and longer hair - and a cigarette. Granny 2 has a smoother brow and refractive glasses.

Coming next - composition (the hard part)


much better, :applause: but I think granny nr 1 looks even more scary now, when you can see her eyes… and the glasses on nr 2 is just :thumbsup:


roflamo ! :bounce:
That’s awsome, the granny’s expressions are amazing! I love both, can’t decide wich one i prefer :slight_smile:


Really nice & funny characters!!:thumbsup: Nice job!!!


Hehe, fantastic :bounce: . Can you make one of them showing a midfinger :deal: ?


hi Andy H … thats totaly cool posing man! theres attitude !:thumbsup:and nice touch with the cigarrete!


Cool, cool, cool !
I really love them !
great poses and great texture on the “motorcycles” !


Well I’m too late in your thread, but your work is simply awesome:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Very unique style dude:) , Left granny looks real cool with that cigarrete:)

Keep the good work dude, All the best:thumbsup:


Ahaha awesome work Andy, but I agree with Makaron, the skinny granny looks scary even more and mean, don’t know if you are actually go for this but I find that cool.

But all the work here is perfect.nothing to add.

:bounce: :bounce:


OH my god! i totaly have forgotten ths thread!!

Sorry 4 late entry :argh::blush:

This is realy one of the greatest and funny entrys! Your characters are just too lovely :wink:
And i like the Idea, it´s refreshing different like all the other entrys with big explosions and racers… (ups… i talk about myself :scream:hahaha)

Great Works
Cheers :beer:Alex


grannies always look scarey… lol

awsome work mate, looking forward to seeing to image all come togeather


Woah that’s grannies with attitude !

awesome work. no crits possible. :thumbsup:


Hahaha, cool work man.Grannies as hells angels.
Keep it up andy:bounce: