Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


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Latest Update: Final Image: FINISHED!!


And so it begins…

I dont have much in the way of ideas or spare time at the moment, but ive got plenty of time to finish my entry!


Hi Andy , :bounce: glad to see here.

I’m sure you gonna create some outstanding piece of work here.
I will follow your thread for sure.

Good luck to you and have fun


May the arse kicking be with you! Excellent to see you here Andy! :slight_smile:


good luck Andy H


oh… how exciting!!


Good luck Andy!!


It’s about time! Good luck:thumbsup:


good luck andy … btw i like ur characters sooo much :slight_smile:


Oh spiffy - will be interesting to see what happens in this here thread thingie of yours, Andrew.


welcome and have fun!



I like your work! subscribes and good luck!


Great to see your on board Andy. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.


hey andy, loved your office girl, looking forward to see your entry. Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Ooooh this should be interesting…

Looking forward to some fine work!

Good luck Andrew…


Ive had an idea!

I wanted to stay away from the ‘amazing spectacular’ and focus on the ‘mundane spectacular’ - y’know, the little things that surprise you.

Im not sure if it will be seen as overly ‘spectacular’ but here it is:

Woman in hallway gasping in shock/ pleasure at the sight of her fat, slobbish husband vacuming.

Possible alternatives - handing her the TV remote, hubby doin the dishes, hubby gardening?

I have a few ideas on the composition that could really make it work, and the whole idea of just 2 characters interacting in a contained environment is right up my street.

Ill probably do it in a cartoony style so i can emphasise the poses and expressions. Ill make it very mundane and quintessentialy british, so soiled vests, cheap tracksuit tops and old furniture could possibly feature.

Ill get out my crummy entry level wacom tonight and attempt to scribble some pathetic excuse of a concept…

Sheesh - i hope this is gonna be appropriate. I bet everyone else is gonna do giant orc battles, exploding planets, circus performers and space battles!


Brilliant Andy… I can already picture that scene as you described it.
I dont know if that fits the brief but this topic is actually sooooo vast, ones spectacular is anothers mundane… looking forward to your WIP.



Sounds like a interesting idea that you have so far, Andy. I’ll be watching. :slight_smile:


I like it. Vacuuming sounds the best to me, or dusting with a feather thingy and perhaps wearing an apron? wouldn’t that be spectacular indeed. LOL.


but ive got a super rough ‘mockup’

I cant draw for cheese, so i used max’s bipeds to set up rough poses and camera angles.
The character designs themselves are undecided yet. Im just testing to see if i can create a ‘spectacular’ image given the mundane subject matter…

Here goes…

(see later post for image)


It took me 10 minutes :rolleyes:


just getting the hang of this wierd-ass way of hosting images…