Spectacular 3D Entry: Andreja VUCKOVIC


Andreja VUCKOVIC is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

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Hey Andreja,

Good luck with the challenge and I look forward to your concept .


I’m glad!!!:slight_smile:

Here is a first image:


Hey Andreja,

That looks like a great model, do you have a storyline or concept idea that goes with it. I am sure that will come shortly . :slight_smile:


Model is created in Maya and ZBrush.


very good modling

nice work


Well, now I uderstand, what word “profesiaonal” means! Great work on mussle modelling. What is your consept?


At the middle of 21.century, big crises are rapidly escalated on all continents. The main reasons for those crises were people who didn’t be able to save harmony, tolerance and love. They were guided by enormous greed: hunger for money, thirst for oil and destruction of nature. Those were reasons that bring us to the edge…and now…In this battle none was a winner, everyone was a loser…Becouse of our negligence, world was destroyed and started to disappear. That was our end…

-new chapter-

Inspiration for this competition “Spectacular” I was found in a book “Inferno” Dante, sculpture “The Gates of Hell” Rodin and picture “The Fall of the rebel angels” Rubens.

Concept in next update.


You could use any century of human history for your consept. There always were people like you describe.

If you like Dante, try James Havok. I guess you can get even more inspiration for your consept from his books. Just don’t read it if you are sensitive person.


I agree with suk-grigorij wholeheartedly, truly professional muscle work there. Wishing you all the best for the challenge.


Great job! muscles look perfect! it looks like statue, it shows movement in a special way… I really love it!
Svaka cast :thumbsup:


It’s thousand falling bodys created in Photoshop.


waouuu very beautifull modeling !!

I like it !


Thanks and you to! Story and concept is here, so what do you think?

Thanks for compliment!

That is a best compliment I ever got.:beer: :bowdown:

Yes, you’re right about concept.
I did’n read yet JH, butI’ll try to find his books.
Actually, I don’t wont to make impression that I’m pesimist. I’m optimist!
I’m just wont create something "Spectacular". Nobody are indifferent when see something like that.

Thanks man, I’m glad that you like it!

Thanks 3demi.
Ajde, pa da i tebe vidimo ovde za neko vreme.

Thanks anatomy-buddy!

I would like to here C & C on my sketch.


hi! pretty cool model, great work on zbrush, the concept looks cool also i like the idea, kind of strange but looks visually cool :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward


Great model… well-proportioned:thumbsup:


Thank you guys!!!

Here is study of movement.

Of course C&C are always welcome!


Study of movement.


Wow, that is ridiculously good modeling! Nothing to crit!


Your sketch is a little confusing right now. It looks like just a bunch of bodies falling from the sky. Will there be anything else? Perhaps some indication of where the bodies are coming from? What caused their fall? I guess you don’t HAVE to show why the bodies are falling. A bunch of bodies falling is actually pretty spectacular in itself. So either way… it’s okay.

I’m sure this is gonna be great!