Spectacular 3D Entry: alvincgi


[left]Ok… a quick update to my concept… THE TIME (a forgotten moment of human history)…
[left][left]Basically I am "re-creating/reconstructing” a moment of Noah flood, but not actually the “flood”, is the last moment before flood destroy the whole civilization, so a ancient city and the palace, and fire etc… The last “moment” the world have change, a “moment” before the new civilization begin… [/left][/left]
[left][left] [/left][/left]
[left][left]Cheers…:smiley: [/left][/left]


Here is new, completed texture scene of statue, city and the people, bascially I have changed and added more details on them, how those lights will now turned out much better then before, now will working on fx on it… cheers


…here is lighting test, I am happy with the results so far, I will add some cloud and smoke on, hope it will bring the feeling out more…



Here is the smoke and cloud test for the scene… cheers


Here is another lighting test, just added a volumetric light under, and it seem created much better “feel” of it…


Here is another cloud simuilation created for the scene, any comment welcome.



Well interssant. Big volume. It looks more like a smoke that like a cloud.


Here is pertty much “finish” version of rendering, I have added smokes but without cloud yet… as cloud will render separately and composite in photoshop later… cloud simulations already been render many many hrs now… still going… wish it will finish soooooon.


Hi Vincent, you are… right, it does looks like smoke(cloud), but big smoke or cloud somehow they both looks pretty similar, aren’t they:D ?.. I am tring to create something moving cloud not still one, I will place some sample once finish render… cheers:)


Here is another cloud simulation render, looks pertty close to what I am after. cheers


A quite compositing of cloud simulation test, just been placed into scene. looks so so… will place second version of cloud in soon. cheers

Any comment welcome.


Here is the new cloud(smoke) simulation I have just finished render… 36hrs took… pretty happy with it although some re-work for details needed, but so far so good. cheers


Here is the new updated scene, cloud has been added in, but not finish yet as more work need for cloud… any tips, comment are all welcome. cheers


Here is the new updated cloud, with “fire effect” added in, I think it looks better than previous just a normal smoke kind of look.
Any comment welcome. cheers


Here is the image added the cloud, I decided to do some matte painting of lighting srtike, will update shortly.
Any comment welcome, cheers


hmm… have done some lighting strikes, but still “not” completely happy of, have to try harder… is almost 2am now…:sad:


Here are the lightings(matte painted)I have done this morning… still more to go, but I am happy so far…
all comment welcome. cheers


Here are close up snapshots of the scene, bascially I have matte painted the lighting strike, pryo, sky, new mountain surface, some texture skin for character, and added flags on top of palace… it is very close to final, I think few more details will be finish. All comment welcome. cheers


less than 10 days to go, so excited… wish everyone enjoy and Merry Christmas:scream: !


Great work here dude. I like very much of the color palette and the modeling, composition and atmosphere of the scene are very good. Congrats, you have been a great work so far. :thumbsup: