Spectacular 3D Entry: alvincgi


Hey Alvin,

You are making some nice progress,I like the looks of the Palace and city :thumbsup: . Keep up the good work.


Thanks man, the city and palace have taken lots of time to do, glad you like it.

I have done some lighting test, and will post here soon.

cheers Alvin


Nice Man I can wait to see a textured version Good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks man, I am working on textures now and lighting as well… cheers


…here is the 1st quick lighting test on the city… cheers


Hi all, this is another skin texture I have done, although final one will be on far distance, and wont use any close up when finish, but it is still good to do detail works on skin. cheers


ok… now this is the 1st character pose and tattoo test, will add another tattoo on his back, more coming…



Nearly finish the statue texture, try to create something very rough looking “skin” for it, and will try few more different angles, hopefully the suround lights can also help up the surface more… will see…


that’s Very Good, i really like the kinda Feeling behind it…Good Luck:thumbsup:


Thanks 3rd user, glad you like it man.:slight_smile:


Spectacular Work! good luck!!




This is working progress of the texturing for palace and city…
What do you think? Any comment very welcome, cheers


A lighting test to the scene, to see how is texture, shadow will looks like… cheers


An update of city texturing… I have just finished the city and palace textures, and will add a bit more details later, hope you like it, any coment welcome! Cheers


Updated city and palace texture, plus I have added some new buliding blocks and some bridges on lower level, try to make it a little bit more interesting to the scene… cheers


City and palace texture completed…


Cool! Is this your final composition, or are you going to play with the camera still?


Thanks, I think will change when all others “objects” added together when comes to the final composition, but will be pretty close to what now… I guess… you know, to get all the best parts into will be another “mission” to complete… I hope I can update that soon.



city update…with added sky.