Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


great caracteristic style you have madlight, love it. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Damn it!

That’s a really funny and ugly face in the same time…a bit disturbing…Really really nice, i love it :thumbsup:


hey guys,heres a try at the eyes,and their shape.i have 2 choices,which im posting here,choos one of them,i simple prefer the second one! i want to know ur comment! thanx for visiting!


this is the second choice,
ofcourse the direction is not important in this stage!


I prefer the second too, fit well with the character.


alex.h.,Goul:hey guys thanx,im happy,having all of u guys here is a pleasure;)


hey nice concept and a lot of great progress ! ! ! :slight_smile: …nice to see here with a great skill in


i prefer the first one (the biger) but still not agree with the color and shader(my opinion)

good luck:thumbsup:


Cool,that’s Great ali…i prefer First,because the second one Shows a little of Magic and that kinda stuff too…if you wanna be mysterious go for the 2nd one…Good Luck


The second appear more vicious… then… it’s better :twisted: haha


Wicked! and well integrated into the style you’re running with throughout! Matbe a little more exaggeration on his chins will add to his look? LYW:applause:


Hi nice job.you need a little sss . good luck :thumbsup:


Why didn’t I see this thread before?
Excellent work U’ve done here Ali !
I really like your Zbrush skills and your particular design !
Great characters !
I will follow this now !



nice work ali.Good luck


simply amazing work… love the texturing! …

keep it going


Hello Madlight, what a fantastic updates.
Your work is going very very good.
Damn, one day I have to do some experiments in zbrush.


hey guys,thanx for voting! i finally decided to choose the first one,cuz the second was too negative! and i want a JERK AND FOOL person,+some negative personality added! the pose says the negative,the eyes helps the jerkish characterisitc!
i havnt textured the face yet,thats just a skin bumb,ill be doin it,when im pleased with the model,
si and si? :smiley:


Great looking char_d-sign… ‘Impressive cheater’ The eyes work just fine indeed…
You are building one great main-character, keep going! :thumbsup:


visualact.com,Thanx,Yasser…how about ur entry?any chance?any time?
3rd user,Thanx for the advise,i agree! u see?!
Lemog,Thanx man,i know,but how about the fool lookin horserider with his ridicluse idea about his poor goodold horse?
DaddyMack,thanx mate,ur right,im working on details like that,currently!
ali_rahimi_3d,thanx,ya,its not shaded yet,just a quick test! thanx anyway
gpepper,urs is great too! thanx for the suport!
Versiden,Thanx man,ur entry is amazing too!
claudio_jordao,thanx mate,sure! u must just experiment this tool!

so much thanx for all the support,


hey this is turned nice :bounce: … cool design for now…about me ?:shrug:…i don’t know ! i am trying my best to try mine but as you know i going to travel and i have to finish my projects in my hand as soon as possible…don’t worry i will try my best (i would if i could but i can’t so i wont) :smiley:

good luck ali


I’ve taken a close look to find something to criticise:curious: - just to help of course :slight_smile: - but there is nothing:shrug: . Love it all:thumbsup::thumbsup: !! Great character!