Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


Profile view…


another shot,…ofcourse i forgot to say,LIPS ARE really WIP!!! Just dont pay attention! im lazy!:smiley:


Hahahaha… him !!! great face… another strong design… he remain me my first boss… a really malicious and not very frequentable person. :bounce:


Very ZBrushy Indeed…The Look is Gross, suitable for Cheaters:thumbsup:


Very nice update dude:thumbsup: Nice z-brush work:)


Very good and accureate model.


I like your model,nice work:)


another unique and cool head man! waiting to see how the details come out! … will be nice for sure!


Lemog:haha,great! i wish i could see his face someday! these guys are in minority here,we have Thin bastards,rather FAT ones!
3rd user,madshooter,suk-grigorij,Fredy,yunisirees:so much Thanx guys,everlasting support!:buttrock:



nice ali
it realy look nice!


hey guys,i retouched the previous model a little,now it feels more like a young, bastard,FAT horse rider!!! the next stage will be texturing…c&c?


profile view,with more clear details…


Haha ! He looks terribly stupid. I was not really interested in your first head wip attempt but now he’s more attractive. (well, if I can say that… :smiley: )


Great stile… very good modeling… :thumbsup:


Hey look at that Fat bastard !!
He has the best eyes you have ever done :wink:
he has a good nose too !!:thumbsup:
I think his lips need a little work , & his neck … ya the neck needs alot of work !
You can use Hossein Rezazadeh az refrence .

Wish you succeed .


Hey Ali…hes a great character. Likeim, reaaly fits as a cheater personality. Simply disgusting.

Absolutely on tha way. Just keep this spin my friend it’s gonna be a fine piece.


I’m sorry man, but there is not way to critique this! How can I say, “‘that looks wrong’ or ‘change that’?” What I can say is I LOVE IT! It’s so darn funny and just downright original. I love your style and look forward to your next update.


Each picture at each time is a real pleasure Ali… really strong, nice, disturbing and beautiful… good recipe :thumbsup:


Gosh:scream: !!! This character looks even better than the first one:thumbsup: . I want to see him on his fat horse!! Update please!!:bounce: :bounce:



Grorum,hey,ur right! thanx,man!
MadnesS,Thanx mate…
-REZA-,heyy,thanx,sure,ill fix that! mr.BIG support!
gardogg,come ooon! ur so kind! thanxalot…
Lemog,oh,Lemog ur a big support! in any time!
daWinky,heyyy,Thanx man!ur so kind!sure ill update soon.

Hey guys,so much thanx,the next update will be some retouches and texturing…:love: although im busy,but this is the highest priority!:slight_smile: