Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


hey guys,some details…


Hi Madlight!
Very cool zbrushing! the character is being Realy nice :slight_smile:
I loved this style.
c ya


Dof added,iv played with different layers of lights,and this is the result…c&C?


Man this a rocking update:buttrock: Dof looks cool dude also the lighting looks promising to me:thumbsup:
Some how I feel there are some problem with the shoes It might be a skinning problem, but over all great job dude:thumbsup:


Yes, this really looks fantastic:thumbsup: ! I already liked the head, but complete it is even better. Though it is just a wip, I think the pose is very good and fits to the style of the head. The only thing I would crit so far is the position of the startnumber on the shirt on the update before. But I don’t know how this is positioned on a real jockey-outfit…and you don’t use it in recent update:) ! Shaders and dof are great, just some work on hands and shoes and it will be perfect!



hi Madlight_1988
nice zb-ing man! the folds look very realistic on the cloth!nice detailing there!


Hey nice job boy !!
I like the cloth details :wink:


I think this is really looking great so far. I would suggest that you fix the hands and boots a little more though. The boots look like gello and the hands look very puffy, as if filled with water or swollen. Outside of that, great! Oh, one more thing, the textures look pixelated on the edges. I don’t know what is causing that though.

Much better on the stripes :wink:


good job on cloth details…keep it on:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

and sure u would work more on the shoes…:slight_smile:


• Hi Ali, good details in cloth, though his boots need more attention, his legs i think are too short too, lighting and rendering are very good
• I have a question 4 you, I’ve already (since yesterday:scream:) started zbrushing and u were right! once you get into it u start getting the feel of it, i managed to export disp maps to max and applying 'em in it’s proper slot, kind of treekie but following a simple tutorial i could made it ok, but when rendering is a pain in the a… pretty slow is it normal, i mean is there any tip you can give me to improve rendering speed? I am rendering with Tsmooth at level 2, tryed mental ray but there is not much diference in time, i’ll appreciate any suggestion :thumbsup:

C ya!


Hey guys,thanx alot for your kind words,but i said before: Shoes are not even WIP! and that wouldnt be the final,iv done this not to loos some polys wich i want to tweak when the realshoe is imported to the scene,i would be attaching them more easily,
in 110th post of this thread i explained everything bout shoes…

now replys:
madshooter,Thanx man,sure ill fix that.

daWinky,Thanx man,about the start number,i noticed that too! so u cant see it on the last update,it should be on the left hand,and has its own cloth! thanx for the notice and these kind words!


-REZA-:heyy! atlast an internet connection is found! thanx for dropping by Reza,ur the BIG support!

gardogg,Thanx for the suggestions,mate! bout the hands i said before that cuz in the final shot,there will be no attention put on this part,i have to somehow skipped the details and just an owerall outline to express the form,but totallu ur right,if i got the time sure ill fix that.thanx

kmest,Thanx Reza,iv written a discription on top of this post! have u got any projects?cuz i felt like ur busy and ur thread is bein updated weekly!:smiley: show us what u have in mind!

Climax,thanx for dropping by,man.bout shoes i explained that at first.^bout legs,since its not going to be a photorealistic scene in things like anatomy and facial things and stuff,i don care! i mean my character Design is different and i have executed what which was in my mind 95%!
bout ur problem,i myself do not use disp maps,cuz i found them more time taking to calculate both is ZB and max,of course i must say that,it totally depends on ur model! how many polygons,with how much detailes and how many polygons are in the base mesh and some other issues,but in Max,i use VRay 3d diplacement,and have no idea bout default disp calculator,but in ZB,i use these settings,see the image attached… on ZBrushCentral u can get some really good suggestions and troublshooting as well,i remember there was a thread on ZBCentral that had invited ZB artists and had gave them a ZB model,and asked them to go and export the models with displacement maps within,and then come and show the result and share the settings,wich was really usefull,tons of artists participated,with a little search u can find the thread…i hope u understand what i meant,and i dont think that it was useful,but that all i know about!


heres a brief tutoial onhow i have rendered the last update…i donno if its useful,i just wanted to share it.ill be sharing some ZScripts and Skin shaders too.currently am a little bit busy!


• Hi Ali, I was testing out to see results of displacemt maps inside of max, the default disp of max really really sucks, i rendered a simple model tsmooth level 1,2 and 3 and the result was insainly slow, Mental ray went down, brazil was much more faster but doesn’t render good disp maps, and then Vray and voila! it is the perfect 'cuz it has a built in displacement interpretation wich for default overrides max’s, with scanline render rendering time was 31 minutes and fairly good at TS level 3, but Vray’s rendering time was about 20 second and 200% better! :buttrock:at TS level 1!
• Cheers for you man! i appreciate your concern in handing me tips and moral support ( i was about to desist trying :scream: ) you were right, some effort pays at the end!

• About your model, sorry i had,'t read the explanation about anatomy issues, but now i know u want a special character, i see it in a different way, i can’t wait to see his head up there!


:sad: Ali, great job on the modeling, but…I think the pants look too shiny, like satin or something. Just dosn’t look right to me.

P.S. you were supposed to email me!!!:sad:


Hi. nice cloth. good luck man :thumbsup:


Hey ali,

I’ll follow your work.Hope to see other steps from you .

I am happy that other Iranians are participating and we are not alone anymore.
And you can find good artists here.
Good luck mate!


Climax,im happy that u atlast find the way,man!
N_krypsh_N,Thanx man! i told u that its not possible!
ali_rahimi_3d,Thanx Ali.
adel3d,yeah! on this challenge we are meeting some new Iranian artists here! its really promising!:applause: Thanx for dropping by!

Currently im busy with some HEAVY projects! sure ill get back to challenge soon!thanx for the support!:buttrock:


hi ali …
nice to meet you again here …
your work is realy nice … i like that .
goodluck man .



Hey guys,After a hard and very busy week,i modelled the main character,i decided to redesign the main character,the Cheater,ti be FAT! this will be a good reason for cheating! he used to be a good horserider,but by the time passes,he got fat! ofcours his Horse is FAT too! both of em are ina a bad challenge,he is to cheat!

Was fully made in ZB2,as u see some models of first steps,and u see Edgeloops to,i will be adding some details,and then texturing.I JUST WANT TO MODEL THAT FAT BODY!lol.
C&C are welcome…


Cool head Z_fellow!
Keep up the good work!