Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


Don’t be surprise Ali… I’m just in admiration, in front of a kind of realization that I could neither imagine, nor to realize it… it’s your particular style, that’s all… cheers mate :thumbsup:


Good work ali, I will follow It & waiting for next big changes. Good luck!:thumbsup:


hey there… you have a damn cool concept!!!. have a lot of luck here and hope you have fun finishing this!.. Nice zbrush work :thumbsup:


hey guys,iv started modelling the body,heres a very early Zspheres im going to use,any c&c?


Lemog,thanx man,im speechless! :shrug:
Bahman,Thanx mate!
stripe,Thanx Stripe,not as good as u!
hey guys,ill be workin on the body for sometime,and will show u what iv came up with,its really hard to execute those kinda clothes! any suggestions/crits?:slight_smile:


hey guys,after an hour!


Hey folks,iv textured it…th whole job was done in like 2 or 3 hours,but i learned alot,the shader took me 20 minutes,and texturing 20 minuts,modelling 1hour…c&c? i’ll give a brief summary…some material setups and ZScripts maybe! thanx for visiting…


This is a great update! My only crits would be that the hands need some work and the stripes I don’t think should carry over from the back onto the arms like that. The stripes on the arms should be separate from those on the back.


hello my dear friend “ahamd ali” .

i hope you will be fine . i wish you arrive your concept soon and clearly .

i join this challenge and i am in concepting now but i submit my sketches soon .



this one is just to show how the head will look like on this body,ofcourse not precisely! and i forgot to say,the shoes are not DONE at all,thats just a blurry thing which i have in my mind,ill model that later!
c&Si are the most welcome!


very good modeling and texturing too but I think the hands and legs are unnormal.they need more work.any way good work man :thumbsup: .continue…


Nice rider, i love your modeling style and your concept :slight_smile:

The textures are cool but i find the cloths a bit too shiny. I mean…it’s look more wet than shiny. :wink:


thanx guys for the fast reply!

gardogg,Thanx man,ur totally right bout the stripes,NOW im fixing that! thanx…
x3dman,Howr ya,X3DMAN! im happy that u have joined too,goodluck,fellow iranian!
Fredy,Thanx man,bout hands ur right,but im just thinkin of FINAL POSE/shot.CUZ I dont have enough time to just go into very deep details,maybe if i got the time…bout foot,i dont feel that,would u explain why? so much thanx for dropping by man,
Goul,Thanx Mate,ur right,i’ll go fix that,ofcourse its not that WET!anyway,thanx…


Excellent idea!:thumbsup:
good luck !


Stripes are fixed,…


Hi, your character is very complex and fun. Good work.


when i saw it, i was just like Wow…my jaw hit the floor…cool dude:thumbsup:


FAN-TASTIC :thumbsup: thanks for this good lesson… funny and expressive… a good mix between ZB and your incredible and pleasant style… :cool:


very very nice work and excellent originality on the figure, I love it ! :thumbsup:


banzato,3rd user,Lemog,jddog:So much thanx,its the result of ur support!