Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


ok,guys,heres the main character,cheater!:smiley:


heres another one,ofcourse its not a female character,that hair will help him to look more fool!:smiley: i’ll upload other characters and their horses soon…c&c are the most welcome


Hi ali i hope you luck in this challenges.:thumbsup:


Nice concept ali
looking for more
is it realstic or cartoonish?


thanx guys,yeah a good question…this is sth between real and fantasy,ofcourse i know that the boarderline between them is soooo thiin,and tricky! am going to try it out!:thumbsup:


this is the chater,front view,just to express his character and personality.


this is a sketch of the possible face expressions of the chater’s horse.c&c?


here’s another one! this is the other horserider,u can see that he is tired,he is surprised,and he fears a little!


This last horserider is fantastic, very expressive… better :thumbsup:

About the horse, if you want to keep in the same style… maybe it need to be more expressive… with amplified details… as its master :smiley:


Oh , nice concept dude .hope to see more progress on it .:bounce:


nice and humerous concept! has good potential
enjoy and have fun man!


Thanx guys,

Lemog,thanx alot,ur right,i was thinkin of that too,but what do u mean by “amplified”? or u mean “samplified?”! anyway,thats right,i’ll take this advice,thanx!:smiley:
Ramtin,thanx,az ur concept is great too! keep goin this time.’
yunisirees,Thanx,dude,az urs!:smiley:

i’ll do some more sketches,of other horses and their horseriders,soon…keep talking!


I just think “amplified” at the shape level, as your previous red sketch of the horse rider… more angular, and more caricatural… :slight_smile:


You are a great artist and you have nice drawing skills. I like the concept, it is a nice funny concept.
I like the second horse riders expression it looks cool.
Waiting for more updates this scene is gonna look funny as well as great.:slight_smile:


Lemog,yeah i got it! weirdness is my favorit!:smiley: anyway,i’ll examin that! thanx for the continious suport!:smiley:
Madshooter,thanx a lot,mate…seems that u guys like the second hrider more! okay,
switching to that mode!:deal:


Okay now… what is it they’re adding to the drinking water over there anyway? I see so many incredible talents specifically from Iran these days…

Very funny stuff going on here, and I love the expression on the top-most guy in the very first rough sketch :smiley: Great concept!


Very nice concepts! i liked
Reminds me a little bit the Tim Burton style… realy cool!
I will be waching here, good luck for u and keep going:thumbsup:
c ya


hahahahha.James that was really hilliarious,thanx a lot dude!
LAURA:Thanx alot,mate…ur cool too! thanx for dropping by…
cya guys,soon,with some new sketches…:twisted:


Hello Madlight, very funny concept and amazing sketches ahm!
I’ll be watching your progress that’s for sure.
Good luck.


very good Idea Ali I like it
Eyval baba