Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


that is very good indeed makes me proud that i’ve already complimented your talent:D (this is not a Joke really:thumbsup: ) and how about some expression on lips?
and of course i dont consider you a nosy person. since it’s a public forum and this thread is really popular i’ll send you a pm
Keep it up mate…:bounce: :thumbsup:


man that is amazing joooooooooooooooooB i cant believe it took me that long to reply since there was just one image of that arbitrator
Keep going ali:thumbsup: good luck


I laughed out loud at your latest render. Fantastic character! Sorry, nothing to crit!


Ahahh !! :applause: This kid is so unpleasant, I love it !
(He looks really stupid)
Nice hair too.


3rd user,dern,Grorum;:
Thanx guys,im happy u liked it:)


Woooow , Great Job !
Now I like the hair more :wink:



I respect your style Man:bowdown: Awesome, I like his hair style, verynice zbrush skills:thumbsup:


wow ali … :eek:

i didn’t enter ur thread from a long time …

greet work man … modeling and texturing … amazing …

keep it up … :slight_smile:


LOL Yeah funny idea and nice exectution so far, keep it up mate !:scream: :thumbsup:


Speechless front of your family… I can’t repeat the always same words concerning your original work… but if I can say only one thing, it’s that each time I come on your thread… I alsways fall on something extraordinary, and each time, it’s always a great pleasure for me to discover your updates… thanks for that Ali :thumbsup:


-REZA-,hey thanx Reza!:Dim happy that finally u liked the hair! i told u,mmaan!:thumbsup:

madshooter,Thax Roshan,im happy that uv liked it.:slight_smile:

maxspider3000,Thanx man,thanx for nice words!!!

cipher,Thanx maaan!:smiley:

Lemog,u know sth laurent? i cant reply! u know?! man thanx alot,as always!:bounce:


I really like how your characters have come along! They are very cool. So how did you make hair in zbrush? That’s something I’ve never seen before and cant imagine how it is done…


Hi Gary,thanx man,in ZBrush in ur tools menu there’s a tool named,Fiber brush.its done with that,and in this case,when i was done modelling/texturing/lighting,i picked this tool,and with its modifires which is in tool pallete,i adjusted its parameters like,gravity,glooming,density and… . and after that hitting render,i got this,ofcourse there are some other issues,like the material ur using,or whether to paint hairs with Mrgb or rgb at what level…in this case,i have used mrgb and the skinshader as the material for the hair,with black color picked,and the amount of mrgb set to sth like 85/90.im sure,if u play with it a little,u’ll get great results,i hope it was usefull! :shrug: :wink:


ROFL :smiley: Awesome… that kid is just about the scariest thing I’ve seen!

Just keep going like this, Ali



hei Madlight_1988

superb modeling and texturing with zb mate! real cool looking family :bounce: :bounce: !
cheers mate!


nice work ali I like your characters at all:love:
keep up the good work.


JamesMK,Thanx James! :slight_smile: ull see more “scariest things” soon!:Dheh,(horse,thats a disaster!)

yunisirees,Thanx maaan,how bout ya? r u goin to finish that masterpiece?:)?

Fredy,Thanx Fredy:Dim happy that uv liked it:)


im trying man!hope i finish this :smiley: !


sure,ull DO it:D:)


Just here to congratulates you about your new avatar… awesome and funny… the best so far :thumbsup: