Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


that is awsome ali…really Great…:applause: your talent is obvious to us all. Keep Going fellow:thumbsup:


dern,Thanx man,im happy that uv liked it!:slight_smile:
medunecer,Thanx man!:slight_smile:
3rd user,Heyy,Pooya! not as talented as u,buddy!:DThanx again!:buttrock: maan ur in Turkey?! great! i hope u succcess wherever u are!:wink:


hey guys,i was chekin my Ztool files,and i found that during modelling i have saved as some primitives! i thought i have no modelling process images to show,but now i put it here…Edgeloops are clear too…Thanx for watching…


Hi I’m new to all this,

This is a fantastic concept – hilarious! Like one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at Saratoga Raceway. If you ever make a poster of this I’d like one!

Keep it up! I’d love to see how this develops coming down the home stretch! :wink:

I just entered with a couple of quick sketches and a relatively dry theme to my idea but if you’d like to comment, please feel free.


My goodness, one cool character after the next coming from you! I like to see your great work ethic.


The process is interesting to discover… good refining so far… for a very good result… I come to be jealous of you skills my friend… you have a true particular vision of things… different and always so captivating… :thumbsup:


hey ali i am realy happy i can see some one like you at your age is realy creative like this … maybe antrupos is the one you can fallow his tutorial for growing in zb …he is my favorite 3d artis for now…hope see you in the plcae of great level of cg jobs around the world :bounce: :bounce:


Amazing progres and verry funny & odd characters. Bravo :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward to see the whole scene :bounce:


Always glad to see some modeling process pictures:) … and I’m more and more interested in zBrush seeing this…



ali your work is very great … you are best zb artist. good luck


that is just amazing as i and eveyone could think…really amazing progress on that head.

btw,yeah i’m in turkey right now but not for good. Good Luck to you too man.Specially with the konkor thing. and thanks for the words ali.
Keep Going Young Man:scream: :bounce: :thumbsup:


harryb,Hey thanx mate,no i havnt seen that,but ill make a search to see…its great to see another artist in this challenge,like u,if u give me the link i would be grate to check ur thread,man there are 3thousand entries which i must search,therefor guys here,write a link of their thread in their signature,u can do that by going to User cp at the tope of the cgtalk’s homepage!:smiley: thanx:buttrock:

gardogg,Thanx Gary,im reallly happy that uv liked it:D

Lemog,Thanx man,count that of my poor quality!:smiley:

visualact.com,heyy,Thanx Yasser,im happy to have u here,buddy! Kris is my favorite 3D mentor/master! and sure,ill be going in his way:D thanx for dropping…

Nomad,Thanx Nomad,its good to see u here:)

daWinky,hey thanx,ofcourse u should try it out! amazing tool in our hands,unfortunatle im not an expert yet,if i were,i would be showing more of its ability!:smiley:

mamali132002,Thanx man!!!that was the most funnyjoke iv ever heard!

3rd user,Thanx Pooya! u know im not a lnosy person,but as i found u as a good and real friend,i want to know more about u! any Biography!?:smiley:

kay,thanx ALOT,guys,i hope to just pull it out…something like 20days left…:shrug:


hi…after some hours tweakin it more and retouching it in PS,i made it more baked,i have faked SSS using radial light which is in ZB,and then retouching and playing with it in PS,and i have achieved this which is still a wip…some Skin burn ups,and Eyes are added too,in final scene eyes will be lookin to the Horse’s wheel! so that it would be more concentrating…about the size of the image,as i have rendered this in 3000X3000 pixels,and redusing it to half,i have achieved an image,if i wanted to upload the Best quality at 1500X1500,the size would be something like 500kb!! so i reduced it to 100kb! sorry its not that high quality,bust still u can click on the image,that would be better!:smiley:

Thanx for watching,any c&C is welcome…



Been a while since I checked in here - and I’m seeing cool things! Very good characters with tons of personality - great job so far. Now I’m curious to see the whole scene coming together soonish, eh?



JamesMKBeen a while since I checked in here - and I’m seeing cool things! Very good characters with tons of personality - great job so far. Now I’m curious to see the whole scene coming together soonish, eh?

Thanx James,nice 2 c u here,man!:slight_smile:


okay,here’s a new character,their KID! this boy is around six years old,and is really bast@rd! he is half similar to his mother and half to the father…the chater model was morphed to this kid,with the same polys,i changes the face to this kid,and textured it 60%…any comments?


here’s the kid with a hair test,using ZB…wires coming soon…


as the saying goes, like father, like son… :bounce: very funny and well done… :thumbsup:


This is the Family,except the one which is in the mothers body!!!
hope u like it!


oh,i forgot to upload this,hopw u like it.c&c are welcome…