Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


Excellent Ali ! The women is great !


wow man:wise:that’s so amazing…you Rock mate:buttrock:keep it up


What can I add… always incredible mate… as I said before… each time, each updates are really pleasant… incredible for my eyes… and another time… nothing to crit… a shame to work like that… perfectly :scream: hahaha


(o)ne,Thanx One,nice to see u here,man!:slight_smile:

alshakno,heyy! thanx,i hope so!:slight_smile:

gpepper,Thanx man,not as good as that hand!:slight_smile:

3rd user,Thanx,for never stopping support Pooya…:wink:

Lemog,man! im going to lose the ability of speaking! (i donno the name in english!)u know ur a very big inspiration for me,and every time i see u here,thats a real pleasure,i get charged!:bounce:


Thanks for your kind post my friend !HEy nice going. I will keep an eye on your next step !
Good luck !


hey ali.
I leave your thread for 2 minutes and look what you do. loads of cool updates man. gr8 wife.
keep up the good work:thumbsup:


Hi Ali,
it’s a pleasure to watch your thread:) , great progress on your wife’s character:thumbsup: - already waiting for the next update!



Cool work! People that are younger than me should not be able to have such skills! Its great that you are getting into cg at a young age. It would have been nice if I did… But better later than never!


maurodelia,HEY,thanx for dropping by,ur welcome,goodluck 2u2!:slight_smile:
N_krypsh_N,Hey thanx,nice 2c u here again.!;)hows ur entry?

daWinky,Thanx man,ur really kind!:slight_smile:
gardogg,Comeon man,thats not the point! what we do is important!:d


hey guys,heres the arbitrator(i donno whether its the correct word or no!)…i have done it really fast,cuz im at back of the schedule,and i should be on time,for this challenge,i dont what to finish it just in 2 or 3 days,like revious challenge,so i left the texturing the cloth of the wife,and i modelled this head,execuse me,but by now there’s no wip’s available ,cuz i didnt take shots during the modelling,im really busy,and i have textured it too,u can see the bumpiness on the skin,eyes and other stuff will be added soon,thanx for watching,any crits?


heres the textured version,crits are welcome,ofcourse i should add that,cuz this model is usinga a little space in final,so there’s no exact texturing,microflaws will not be seen! thanx again for watching…:smiley:



Hey,Ali! Greate ZBrush modeling and texturing!! Specialy I like Character face expression! And I like your characters individuality!!! Greate Job. waiting for more!


Another guy and another success… what can I say now mate… just S P L E N D I D :thumbsup:

and sorry, I’m watching this guy… more and more… and I don’t see something to crit… :banghead:


The head modeling is coming along nicely. Nice forms in the face itself. Really cool style


I hope it is not boring for you to hear always: great work:thumbsup: ! But nothing else comes to my mind watching your new character:D …it’s just amazing…:applause:



welldone ali :thumbsup:


Hello MAdlight, very nice characters you have there, I like them all… great modeling, and great texturing work as well… this is going to be one piece to see…



BobbEr,Thanx,man…ur entry is really cool too!:smiley:

Lemog,man,ur the biggest support here,everytime i have to say this!:slight_smile:


daWinky,Thanx Sabrina,ur really kind,and yes,but there’s no problem,cuz this is a general issuE!

visualact.com,thanx Yasser.:slight_smile:

Nakary,hey! Thanx nice to meet u here!:slight_smile:

okay guys,so much thanx,i’ll be back soon…


Congrats on developing a style of your own. It is refreshing to see some stylized characters. Keep it up!


Cool! I like it! Good luck!