Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


that’s really cool Ali…i like it very much.you are realy good in Z…
nice Sign too:thumbsup:Keep it up.


Hahahahaha… the wife now… really happy to meet her… very good design… she’s appear not very simpathetic… it’s your goal I mean… congrats mate… each time, and each character… you’re be able to obtain something incredible of originality. Congrats Mate :buttrock:


The model is being more baked,add some more details,some main changes in the face,and it will be just fiine,so much thanx for all the support guys,im really happy that uv liked it…


daWinky,Thanx man,im really happy that uv liked it!:slight_smile:
3rd user,heey,thanx! contious support!:smiley:
Lemog,hey! man im speechless each time u drop by! so much thanx!:D:thumbsup:


Hahaha… you know my friend… each time I drop here… a new incredible stuff for my eyes… I really appreciate your work here… maybe I’m a little bit jealous of your ZBpower :argh: hahahaha

You refined her well… more sympathetic now… beautiful mouth :thumbsup:


Lemog,still speechless of ur words,but man,all of us love u and ur work,u are the master!:thumbsup: :slight_smile: :deal:


hey folks,i donno it wants more retouches or not,but i think for now its the final modellling,dont worry bout the hair,it’ll look just fine in the final textured version…


• Cool updates Ali! the wife is looking great! now, Let’s texture it! :buttrock:


nice one :slight_smile:


hey people,here’s what i’v done today,ofcourse it needs some refinements,but i thought i should obey the WIP posting rule! so dont expect this wife to be a marlyn monro(spell is wrong?np!),she is a wife of a cheater,and has counted on his husband alot,after some years appearing in these tournoments!its very important for her,but she’s a bit surprised of this appereance change in their goodold fatty horse! and these two,ar staring at each other since this game has began,(it was the final view!) so any c&c are welcome…


here’s another shot, i forgot to say, hair is still WIP,and it;ll remain WIP till the final,this model is not using so much space in Final,and will not be that clear,so i havnt put so much details on it.not that precise!


Climax.makaron:Thanx alot mates…:smiley:


nice progress ali you good in zbrush :bounce:


hey guys,here’s what im up to,eyes added,eyebrows,some texture refinments,and i have painted the hair in PS,just to test,whether to use ZB or PS.any comment is more than welcome…


kay guys,here’s the body,totally done in ZB,from ZSpheres,not textured yet,and there’s a tip,yes,She’s “Pregnant”! i thought it can catch eyes,and explain the relationship between the woman and the cheater…and its fun too! their baby’s on the way too!
any comments?


Man,You have coolest style making theese characters,one of my favorite charicature guys here.
Keep it the way you do,
Also,I admire your wip images,you maki it so readable and fancy.
I got my self learning here.
Seeya Ali.


ok,here’s a more thin version,i thought that was a bit fat,so it wasnt going to fit the head,but now,its fit,and i have deleted some polygons of the lower part(i donno what its called in english!!sry)so that his feet will appear soon,that can help her to look more sexy!:smiley:


heyyy,its a real pleasure to c u here,Damir,…so much thanx for dropping by MR Dino(specific)Master!:D:):wink:


Sweet style, Ali! Waiting for more :thumbsup:


hi ali
that is nice
i just hope that what happen to you at last challenge not happen again!!!