Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


kmest,heyy! thanx Reza! i hope u continue urs,as soon!
icedeyes,Thanx mate,evillnes vs foollishness! this is the question! and ofcourse it might be more fool than evil! look how mad he is! poor goodold fatty horse!
3rd user,hmm,thanx pooya,absolutly! the next update will be the result of allof these votes! and ofcourse personal vote counts as 2! about Fiberbrush,its a tool in ZBrush,if u work with ZB,then im going to give u a full tour!:smiley:
mosconariz,Thanx mate…
rattlesnake,heyy…thanx,i like my thread to be subscribed to more thaan 1 people!heh!

Thanx alot guys,tommorow is the day! damn,these days am really busy pisy! but,ok,ill update is soon,and thanx again for all the support guys…


wow man, i couldn’t think you would go for that one…it’s so evil,even more than the third,But i really like it.
about the FiberBrush, i’v worked with it a little and i have no idea how you have used it for your Hair. i would really appreciate it if you give me some insights:)
Keep it up Buddy:thumbsup:


the third?.. yes!

great model:thumbsup:


nice work there,I like the character:thumbsup:
Eyval baba.


• Number 3 :thumbsup:


hey,i was very very busy! and i’ll be having something to update soon,my schedule is mixed up!
Thanx for all the support,…

3rd user,heyy! by that sentence i meant my vote is like 2votes! and probably the final will look like none of them!:smiley: by the way,Thanx,sry i wasnt clear!

Maxter,Thanx mate!

Fredy,Thanx Fredy!

Climax,Thanx,fellow ZB user!:smiley:



Cool character job! Good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


The excellent character! This person very much impresses! )))


Nice job on the cheater Ali. I just saw the change from the skinny version to this fat and hairy guy. Keep up the good work.


I’m waiting for some big updates from you! Get to it! I understand if you are trapped under a load of homework though… That’s where I’m at right now. cries Keep up the great work!


Third option is real cool dude, nice expression on his face:thumbsup: Well I have missed lot of your posts earlier I’m really sorry for that dude, little busy with my own thread and studio jobs:)
For now you are doing an excellent job, Just Go go go…:bounce: :bounce:


Where are you ali,i’m really looking forward to see more of your works…i guess today’s holiday,right? post some stuff man:thumbsup:


hey body, cool textures and shaders for the skin:thumbsup: , my choice is number three. keep up man


duuudee that is one mean lookion desperado lol as most iof others here im also voting 3:thumbsup:


BobbEr,Thanx mate…:slight_smile:
Sergey Banityuk,heyy,nice2cya here,thanx,not just like urs!
ace4016,thanx ace,ofcourse there’s no changes! its a different character,that was a horserider,and this is the cheater guy!
gardogg,thanx man! totally true,ur right,these days are really busy!:eek:
madshooter,Thanx Roshan,yeah,these are the final days,we must get to it!
3rd user,yeah,todays holiday,im badly trappped! as u may know the meaning of “Konkur”,and that is what im currently busy with,entrance exam for the university!:smiley:
nebezial,hey,nice 2 c ya here,thanx for votin and droppin by.,.:slight_smile:

[color=lemonchiffon]kay guys,i must say something,these days i was really really busy,but now i got a chance a holiday!,so i’ll be updatinng,and posting some stuff now,im busy with the challenge since morning and now its lunchtime!!!:Dthank u all,for all the support:applause: [/color]


ow man,if you have konkur then wth are you doing here?:eek: although i enjoy watching your stuff:hmm:Good Luck with that man


heyy folks,heres the Wife of the Cheater which is standing near the road! she’ll be a little stressfull,a bit shocked too,cuz his wife hadnt talked to her about this new technology! that horse is looking to her eyes,thats awefull,yeah,im gonna weep!!! haha,okay,this one is a bit different,iv just played with it,a graphical stuff,the next post will be the real model!

ofcourse this is very WIP,and something like lips(done pay any attention!)
c&C are the most welcome,

hope u like it,


here’s the real model,to crit!:smiley:
wires and other stuff will be posted soon,and i forgot,The whole model was done in ZB,and ZSpheres as the base mesh…

and for those who want to know what is that sign,that is a typographed version of :Ali:in persian…:smiley:


heyy,Thanx Pooya,as its Art exam,i love to get ready for it!:Dthanx by the way,this challenge will be over in just 30 or less than 30 days…so! :shrug: :buttrock:


Hey Ali.

long waiting for an update was worth while I see:bounce: ! Another great character is coming up…like it a lot!:applause: