Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


eddieellis,Heh,Thanx maan,:slight_smile:
monsitj,ouw! thanx man,im proud of seeing u here,its not as cool as urs!:slight_smile:
Fredy,Thanx Mohammad…:smiley:
Lemog,heey! i donno what to say too!:blush:

Thanx guys fo all the support!


hey,here’s an update,
CLICK FOR 1100X768…
well,honestly i wasnt that convinced with the facial stuff,so i did 2 more shots,and here u go,3candidates,which one u prefer the most?! i myself prefer the third one,u?


hiya Madlight_1988
i also like the third one mate! and first one is also fine by me! excllent work in texturing an detailing the character by they way!:thumbsup:


if you ask me Madlight_1988… (as a female) haha… :wink:

I like the third face… he looks crazy and evil on that one… :eek:


The third of course… without doubt :bounce:


yeah , the third is my choice! nice work! heyy! show us more!!:applause:


Ha ha ha fun fun fun :applause: :applause: :applause:

You guessed my choice is the nr3

Great work :thumbsup:


I’d definately go for no.2
Looks a bit like Gary Sinise. Keep going :thumbsup:


great update madlight, nr 3 is my favorite, see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I definately say 3. Looks more evil than the rest, and fits a cheater.


yea looks nearly perfect now. the teeth are much better. go for #3 :thumbsup:


How did you make those face hair whiskers? Some sort of alpha fur map? Or did you model actual strands of hair and stick them in?


3 definately.


yunisirees,hey thanx for choosing man!

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monsitj,Thanx man,sure!


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N_krypsh_N,Thanx mate! i’ll be sending u a mail soon,az khoone gmail kharab shode! bayad beram coffeenet!:smiley:

Jed D,Thanx,man! i’ll be adding some dirts again!thats really a clean,white! it hurts the character’s evilness and foolness!

gardogg,If u have worked with ZB,its Fibberbrush,wich is modified a little,if u wanted i’ll be giving a more detailful explaination!

Versiden,THanx,ur BIG frog really pushed me! that was a nice update! thanx for dropping by!

[color=deepskyblue]Hey guys,i have came to a Final conclusion,which i’ll be showing u soon! some of u have forget bout FOOLNESS,instead of Evilness!:twisted: vs:banghead: ! ill have an update,this will be really the final!Thanx again…[/color]


owww…long time no seee…:bounce: :bounce:

realy nice progress…i lke the way you’re Doing your challenge…

and about the caracter…my vote on NUMA 1…(dont know why…just like him more)

Do Good and keep working…i mean Rocking:thumbsup:


Great character… no 3 seems the best… evil grins, so well implemented always get me… gives him a lot of character…


first of all, Sorry i couldn’t reply sooner,loads of issues around…anyway i hope that it helps in some way.
|Let alone the lighting is different|
if you meant foolishness,not evilness,then you better not go for the 3rd one. the eyebrow is showing some potentials in evil being.
The one in the middle, it’s in the middle indeed. some Young Pure Evil. i wont go for it either.
But…The first one,which is i guess just different in case of Eyebrow and a little of Beard is more kinda Decent and acceptable for both evilness and foolishness.after all,you did an evil looking model, it might be hard to expect a fool looking guy.
btw,i would really appriciate if you explain in detail the fiberBrush that helped you made the beard:) Thanks Ali!
And…Good Luck Mate:thumbsup: hope to see you on the Winners Page Soon!


Hard to choice, but my favorite is the first one, then the number 3 and the number two last :wink:

I just prefer the way you’ve set the fur in the first one…I think it’s the version wich fit the best with the character :thumbsup:


number one


wow man, the texture job is very cool, u have a nice character here…ok im subscribing to see your next steps!:thumbsup: