Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


ha ah ah a … the update is funy … it change the whole characterisitic of him…let me tell you that the face is modeled so powrefull and i think it dosen’t need any haire or eybro …i prefer the first one :scream:


i can Tell you, your Character has Aged Alot, at least showing it…
it’s really hard to choose. i guess,Based upon the Concept, your Cheater is gonna be a little Young, i dont know alot about Horse riders and stuff but i guess they should be young. although you might have a message behind your scene by showing a Middle aged and experienced Cheater…
i cant vote…both are great…Keep it up Ali:thumbsup:


Hey , You have done a very good texturing !! Bravo :wink:
In these cases , I choose the first(no hair) . but with a better hair system , I like him to have eyebrows . (I don’t like zbrush hair ). but just eyebrows !!

Wish you luck .

King Regards.


I think he should have more scraggly facial hair and maybe a balding buzz cut. Great work so far!

By the way, how do you upload an image such that you can have it be clicked on and a larger resolution version can pop up like that?


I must say I prefer the first also. Eyebrows look too fuzzy, but the rest of the facial hair is not bad. From what is visible in this render, the sweat looks great. All in all better without the hair though, in my opinion.

oh and btw, could you post the texture map of the cheater?


visualact.com,Thanx man,i have got a new desicion!
3rd user,Absolutely! good suggestions,ur right,i have a new plan!
-REZA-,Thanx! yeah i knew about that! u dont like ZB HAIR! damn,i’ll try my best,its not the ZB HAIR’s most power! im not that good! ZB ROCKS!:thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock:
gardogg,thanx,ur right,! nothing special! u have the resolution,forexaple 1100X900 tHEN IT MUST JUST BE LOWER THAN 150kb,Thats it,its uploaded and by clicking u see the actual size.:slight_smile:
N_krypsh_N,thanx,yeah,sure,but ZBrushes default texture exports,are not readable easily! only ZB users may find something! ill do that for sure:rolleyes:

Thanx guys,ill be back soon,with new facial and stuff…


Hi.nice work
1.the fur is a problem as you know.
2.face anatomy is not correct (but its to late to say that :slight_smile: ).
3.texture is good just a little bit more sss is better.
good luck man :thumbsup:



thanx for droppping by,about hair,its solved by now,sss will be simulated in the finaal shot,cuz ZB doesnt have an apropriate SSS,and about face anatomy! would u explain what is face anatomy,and in a cartoony model like this with this exaggeration,what can a problem be? im really curiuos to know,whats wrong with the head!
here’s some new updates,


as u guys,wanted to see the texturemap,here u are,i said that there;s nothing cool or noticable! its the kinda UV unwrapping which ZB does,and by now its not nessecary for me to import the model in another 3d app,like Max,and render it to texture.


here’s a screenshot,i though it’s good to be shared!


here’s a closeup with more clear details…


hey guys,here’s an update,after an hout tweaking the possiblities and choosing the best,iv chosen this,and to me its ok,any c&C?


I like his sneaky, green eyes… :thumbsup: and the eyebrows are ok, but I´m not so found of the “beard”… but that´s me…


that’s alot better…specially the texture, you have made it better…:thumbsup: Keep Goooooing


Excellent !
I didn’t understand, do render in Max or in ZB ?


makaron,Thanx man!(i know ur female!take it easy!)

3rd user,Thanx,buddy!
gpepper,Thanx,mate…everythings done in ZB,rendering too,just teeth are done in max,and alittlebit retouch in photoshop…


hey mate, i keep looking at your thread, but just dont know what to say … its so bizzare im speachless… (thats a good thing by the way)

keep it up :thumbsup:


ekkkk:eek: I’m just come back to this challenge and see your latest update ! very cool man! nice texture and great render! ahhahah I’m late ! I’m late !
do you plan to finish your work in max or zbrush?


very nice madlight,your texture is perfect.:thumbsup:


I don’t know what can I crit Ali… nothing, I shut my mouth… just incredible… :thumbsup: