Spectacular 3D Entry: Ali Asali


Ali Asali is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Texturing: another shot of the textured KID!


Hey guys,im so happy! :smiley:
this Them is really cool…lets see what happens!

Good luck all…:thumbsup:


welcome here…and good luck on this battle:thumbsup:




You’ve joined too Ali… well, an another great competitor here… for the fun… best wishes for you mate :thumbsup:


Hi Ali,

Feels good, all the cool faces are in the challenge! Let’s rock this place my friend!

Good luck :thumbsup:


Good Luck:thumbsup:


hi ali

i will follow
good luck


Thanx guys…This one is really difiivult but interesting !:d amazing!

i hope this Time,i finish 5 or 6 days sooner!:smiley:
also i have so much work to do…but this is the highest priority!


I think that you’re be able to do it :scream: hahahaha…


Yeah,i confess that was a Funny joke!:smiley:


hey ali (chakerim) good luck… i want to see your idea… Good Luck :thumbsup:


Nice to meet U,
Hey man just uploud sketch and idea,
Can’t wait for that.


hey guys,very rough concept sketch, i’ll show characters individually,and these colors are not the final ones,so its just the idea:
story: this is a race! race of horses! there are some competitors,but one of them is to somhow a surprise! this special horse instead of having 2 back legs,it has one big metallic wheel! yeah,its so faastttt!!!:smiley:
Hope u like it!


mamali and bahman,thanx guys…keep chekin it:D


Hilarious and for sure, spectacular thing… why not… I imagine yet something very funny with your particular style, that can give us something very interesting… cool man :scream:


Hahaha.Very funny man, the fastest horse ever.Cool:thumbsup:


Hey Ali.
Good job so far! Happy to have you here.
Good luck pal!


Cool ali,
Do U want to design Motors for your special horse!!!?
A BIG once :smiley:
Anyway it will become a good stuff,
Keep it up.:bounce:


Lemog,MR Micro,Adel And bahman,thanx a lot guys!
bout addind some motors or things like that,i must say that the attractiveness of it is in being so simple at the same time tricky! it dosnt gather any attention at first,but then it shows off!:smiley:
thx anyway…