Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Some views of the character’s pose. I’ve adjusted the texture on the plane’s surface, reducing the bump map and the reflectivity. I was going for a glazed fiber-glass type thing but I don’t think it looked very good. Now I’ll try for a more polished metal look. I need to finish the hair still (adding more strands and creating a texture), but otherwise it is just about done. Thanks to everyone who left comments and suggestions.


Great stuff Alexi! Can’t wait to see your final


Nothing to crit… very simpathetic stuff… very cool…

great work so far Alexi :thumbsup:


:applause: nothing more to say…


Great Concept and Design. Believebale. I just thought maybe, his legs hang around in a weird way. Or better said. You know in Hanggliders they have a bag for the legs, just thought maybe that would made more sense. Just a thought.


Everything is great. I really like your caracters. One question, why you didnt map the city before you model it, I mean I imagine that there are some buildings that are copyes of others, to speed the motheling, so why you didnt texture them before model the entire city. Or did you keep them like instances to make easier the texture proces?. Jus a thought. :thumbsup:


I didn’t map the buildings from the begining because I figured I would be changing each of the base buildings around and that the original maps would get distorted. My plan is to just automatic map the buildings, and apply genetic tiled textures of stone or plaster. I’ve made a pretty good roof texture (clay tiles) that I can apply to most of the rooves, (which i can map with a Y axis planar map). Hopefully this kind of half-assed approach will hold up from the distance teh town is going to be seen from. The key will be to have the textures simple enough that seams and repeated areas woun’t be noticed. ac.


Wow Alexi, the different aspects of your scene have a great styling… They remind me of my old Moebius comix:thumbsup: Loving the way this is coming together mate… Keep Rokkin:buttrock:


The town is done now, in terms of modeling. Here are a couple renders from different views I’m concidering using for the final image. I added in some trees and extended the terrain a bit, but I think I’d better add some more trees to fill up the space. I’m doing texturing tests and I should be posting the results soon.


And the other side . . .It looks cool from this vantage point, so I may flip the image horizonally and use it to fit my composition (from the concept sketch). However, the other side has the runway and waterfall, so it make more sense to go with that one. Much to ponder, there is.


Congratulations…very good. I like this kind of village. You cad add a litle island with a lighthouse on the top of it.


wow. thats cool man :thumbsup:


That give me the envy to play with it… the toy village… seriously… your work is fantastic Alexi :thumbsup:


hey alex nice job … i prefer the first one … keep up the good work mate :scream:



I have not seen this thred before,…
Huge model and very good style all the way through.
makes me feel very small,.:smiley:


…and it’s getting better and better - keep it up :thumbsup:


Great progress man! follow this way -good luck


Nice village. I Like it.


WOW! Alexi

this is amazing, you are one patient man

I love the guys on the flying machines

Very cool concept, and awesome work so far, you’re going to the top

Love it :thumbsup:


The work you’ve done is already spectacular!
Go on and good luck. I hope you’ll use this city again for other projects or animations. Great challenge for you!!!