Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Some test renders of the pilot’s textures. She’s got the harness straps from the air plane, and I’m just about done modeling the facial expression. The hair is just a plain lambert yellow, but I’ll make a more detailed texture with an alpha chanel. I might switch it to red to better suit the other elements.


Looks good. I like the wool texture. I think the jetpack needs decals like a fighter plane.


Some renders of the character and plane together. The girl will be fairly easy to pose, and once that’s done and the textures have been tweaked the character will be done. Hopefully I can finish texturing the town and start on the second character soon. I can use a lot of the parts and textures from this plane to make the second one.


i love your style man, very awesome work :scream:


I’m watching you from the beginning and want to tell that you’re doing very nice :thumbsup:


ah… nice models… really like it:)


Looking great. One small thing bugs me though - the shiny metal/ fiberglass type material the glider is made of looks a bit strange. Those small speckles and bumps make it look rough and irregular, yet it has a high gloss finish? Perhaps make the surface colour more constant and less noisy?


wow… Alex…
i love your style
you do good modelling and nice concept…


frk :smiley:


alex wonderful stuff … great char and vehichle prompting childhood like emotions out of me :thumbsup:

i gotta agree with andy though on the bump … it threw me off a little too … otherwise, fab stuff … keep it coming :thumbsup:


Wonderful work. You have some great texturing on there.


your texturing is cool,I like you modeling,good luck:thumbsup:


Another huge leap forward!


hey man…looking good:buttrock:


I follow this thread since the start and it’s really great, one of my favorites. I love the city, the point of view, the machine.
Just a little crit on the last picture you made, I think the machine is too reflective or maybe you have to connect it with the bump map; She seems very smooth with the highlight but seems more like clothe on bump and color.

Good luck.


Very cool !
Good design character and i like your plane color.:thumbsup:


Good, but looks like diffuse and specular maps are not fit each other. Plus, I couldn’t anderstand waht your air crafts are made of. Strange material. Looks like cloth.


A half-render half painting of the town and surrounding landscape. It’s all going to be 3d in the final image, but this is the general concept. I’m gonna see how quickly I can texture this thing, then start the second character.


Impressive !!

The ammount of buildings and their variety makes a great cityscape, great work so far :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward for the textured town version.


hey great modeling of that town, and vey good rendering…i’ll be waiting for the textures:thumbsup:


I like the POV, and the concept is inspiring to me. I’ve dreamnt about flying like this many times in my sleep - although I usually just jump up and start moving my arms as though swimming through the sky. I wonder how many peeps have the same dream?

In any case, see - your concept got the java brewing. Looking forward to seeing this through. :slight_smile: