Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


love all the details, very good work, this is going to be one great image.


Congrats dude. Really impressive the levels of the details, i really liked the work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


its just beautiful… Very nice details, especially considering that this is not the center of interest in the image… great work…


The town looks great; I can’t wait to see it textured. And I also just found this thread for the first time, so I want to add that I love the concept as well. It’s a pretty ambitious one, but it appears that you are having no trouble with it at all.


thats a nice town. very good modeling and illumination. can’t wait to see it with the textures:scream:


Great progress, the buildings and your flying machine design rocks.Nice work with the poly count also.
Keep it up and cant wait for more:thumbsup:


Here are a couple colour tests I’ve done for the airplane. I moved away from the yellow winged version in my concept drawing to a blue and red scheme. When I saw it in 3d I felt it wasn’t working that well, so I tried another one using light and dark blue. The seat area with the controls turned out alright, but everything else is a work in progress.


This is the latest version of the plane’s colour. It’s a little less busy and saturated then the previous versions, so as not to distract from the character. However, I still may go back to the original design if I can’t get this one to work a little better. I’ll need the plane to stand out against the town (which is going to be red and yellowish in colour and the ocean, which is blue-green).


amazing!! .


damn dude what a sweet thread this is, it’s a shame there aren’t more of your threads floating around, i would love to see other examples of your work.

keep up the good work, the city is lookin great, character and mechanical design are spot on too.


no words just :applause: :applause: :applause: …


Nice ! Textures are really good…


Very nice! This whole thing is gonna look stunning when its finished! Especially when you texture up the town. The whole thing reminds me of Miyazaki films like laputa and porco rosso :thumbsup:


Wow, when i first saw your sketch it just blew me away.
And so far the modeling is just as good as the sketch:thumbsup:
I’m keeping my eye on you. (^_^)

my challenge entree


I don’t imagine you texture it like that… but it’s really a good choice… totally agree with it… perfect so :thumbsup:


It just looks like a ‘Dinky Toy’, what is a good thing :slight_smile:


hi alexichabane!

nice cool texturing …very very stylish! this is going to look super!


Here is a more detailed view of the seat area. There is still some u.v. stretching going on, but it’s just about finished. I’m almost done the character now, so I’ll be posting some images this afternoon. The NHL hockey season has started now so my productivity is going to slide a little, but I should be able to make the December deadline. go leafs go.


yes man that texturing is ver good ,and the plane modes is cool. i’ll be waiting for the pilot:scream:


nice texture ! and great concept for prop!:thumbsup: