Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


This is tottaly SWEET! :bounce:


excelent work man !
u’v created a whole city location while keeping a very reasonable poly count (at least it looks that way).
i just hope u can texture and light that well too :slight_smile:



Very great job!
I just loved the buldings design :thumbsup: I liked your skeches too, and the idea is very promissing.
I will be waching here. Good luck!


Hi , great work , that’s an incredible number of details .
Good luck with texturing.



Cool work Alexis! This is great, I like it very much :thumbsup:, I like the concept too. Good luck for your next milestones. :slight_smile:


Ive only just found this one and its one of my favourites!

Superb concept, character sketches, modeling and design - everything about this entry is just sheer class!
Cant wait to see how it turns out.


Man , I love this thread :bounce:

Very cool characters the design is just awesome :eek:
Suscribing to give you some support, Rock on !!:buttrock:


The city is beautiful I’m aware how much work did it take to build - men keep it up Good luck!!


Very cool idea! I can’t wait to see te final image. I’m very curious at the texturing.


Everything what I see here is fantastic.:scream: Good luck!!!


Here is an un-textured render of the town model. I spent most of the weekend finishing up the central tower complex, but there are still a few empty areas. The model should be done within the next few days. I’m starting to texture the character as well, and I’ll post some renders of her soon.


hei alexichabane

the city came out very very nice!:thumbsup: u could even make a walk through !:slight_smile: yess definitly one of the cooler ones here!


watcha! impressiv work you did there. Nice sense of proportions also.


tha charactere now! c’mon, pls, post the charactere :bounce:

(mmmh texturing the village mm?)


Another rendered view of the town, from another angle.


That looks really! good, fantastic work. You just want to reach out and touch it.


great modeling and design here !
Can’t wait to see it finished! :bounce:


Lot of pleasure to watch all details of this town… :thumbsup:


Wow, this is looking really good! Lots of cool little details to keep looking at. Nice!


This is trully well said…it’s so nice to look at this. :thumbsup:



wowowo ! ! ! you’r so fast alex…welldone…very stylish men…i can’t wait until you finish the damn styile pice of art:bounce: