Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


WOW! Looking great. My only comments would be to maybe have the white extend a bit more up the waterfall. Also, maybe darken the water a bit. Keep up the great work :smiley:


• Cool! it reminds me of the Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky” Great job I’/ll be waiting for the final :applause:


Bah c’est vraiment beau ! Vivement l’image finale !


Magnifique !

One crit, the transition between water and clouds is too visible… especially on the bottom middle of the image.

Great work :thumbsup:


c’mon, just a few little steps to final left :thumbsup:


waiting for the final post here Alexi… :thumbsup:


So here is the final image, it is fairly close to the original sketch, minus the second character of course. The story or subject is more about the experience of the character rather then a specific narrative. I wanted to capture a sense of wonder and excitment, and the thrill if flying high above a fantastical landscape. The character, I imagined, is part of some type of flight school, and this is her first solo flight. Down in the city I included more planes and other pilots preparing to take off. Originally there where to be two characters, just racing and having fun in the skies, but I think the image works with just one. Thanks to everyone who gave me feed back and suggestions, it was really helpful and allowed me to create the best possible image within the deadline. Over all I’m happy with the final work (and unlike my master and challange entry,which I didn’t really finish in time), there is not too much I’d change. Alexi.


Yay! Looks good. Best of luck.


Looking good, now good luck:beer:


Congratulations for finish and have this cool final image:wip:


Congratulations on final picture. you can be proud you made a huge job. Specially ike the composition.


Hey Alexi,

I really like your image. I like the water surface much better now and the clouds work too. Great job on this.:cool: :cool: Good luck.


Wow!! That is just wonderful!

Congratulations for finish.

Good luck with the contest.:thumbsup:


Absolutely gorgeous final Alexi:eek: All that work paid off royally for you

The composition contrasts and balance of elements really tickle my circuits



hey alexi,

awesome work, nice finish! I love it! great work! no crits other than the other stuff i’ve told you over and over again.



Your little universe is perfect for me… a real dream… and head in the skies… CONGRATULATIONS Alexi… I love your picture… certainly an easy place in the judges votes… I wish you the best mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey alexi what did u use for the clouds?

u didn’t use fluid fx by any chance did u?

great job btw it is quite well done.


I didn’t use any fancy effects for my clouds, though i would have liked to. I used about five or six photographic images and then did alot of painting and layering in photoshop. I added a bit of a radial blur on the clouds to create a speed-line effect, which is kind of cheesy, but it adds more life into the composition. I’m not sure if the clouds look too “real” compared to the more cartoony style of the character and town, but i didn’t have time to experiment with maya rendered clouds. Alexi.


It’s exciting to see this one done. I love architecture and the city is just great. You have created a really awesome place for your image to take place. Maybe someday soon they will start making those flying backpacks :slight_smile: Great work, Alexi!


Congratulations Alexi… wonderul colros on the final… excellent image :applause: :thumbsup: