Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


very beautifull work…the only thing that in my humble opinion needs some work is the point where water leaves from the edge of cliff to fall down…u need a smoother transition there between the blue water to the white foam of water… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …beautifull work…:slight_smile:


wow man …thats a lot of work!:buttrock:


hi… the waters coming out great man! :thumbsup:


WOW Alexi… I think the waves and mist really add to the atmosphere of this piece… Nearly there mate:buttrock:


great work.I like your modeling and details are so beautiful.good job at all.:eek:


Same remark than Dimi about the falling water… for the rest… all is great and all is okay for me… :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments about the top of the waterfall. I tried to blend the end of the river and the start of the falls with a bit of rapids, and I made the edge less straight. I’m still no sure about the base of the falls, where it meets the sea, that may need some more work. Overall I have to make the falls less white so it does not stand out so much.


good sketch , how do you make the waterfalls??by painting?


I made the waterfalls with geometery and a texture in the maya (see some of the earlier posts), but it did’t look so great so I overlayed some waterfall imagery (of the rapids and falling water) in photoshop, and painted everything them together. So it’s a mix of 3d, photoshop trickery and digital painting. Alexi.


That’s much better Alexi…white is good there …don’t low that down i think…concerning the end of fall (where it meets the sea)…u just need a white cloud there…and u are ready …i think :thumbsup:


what a great view :thumbsup:


When I saw this last image i knodded and said “very nice… very nice”


Yes, it’s really that good! The water is very nice and the waterfall aswell, and the details on the town, dear O dear… Spectacular!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the image so far but I think, composition wise the whiteness (as youve allready said) will ‘‘hit’’ the image, so IMHO tone the white down (more blueish?)

some nice post trickery there!


i dont think sergiokomic is right (no offense ment :))
you should leave the white as it is, its just the right amount. but you should add that cloud of water at the bottom of the waterfall, i think that would make it really good!
cool view anyway :cool:


Yes now the top of the waterfall looks exellent. Great work :thumbsup:


I understand the point of view of Sergio… but here, it’s really a affair of personal tast… I think that Alexi is working with a particular design… not realistic of course… anf that kind of interpretation can be really adapted to his concept. And personally, I really appreciate :thumbsup:


Here is a view of eveything together. I’ve added in the spinning propellor and some cloud effects (thought I’m still playing around with the blur effect). I extended the canvas to be longer, and have more open space in front of the character, and I have the wing overlapping the town slightly. All the elements on separate layers and is still easy to move around, do let me know if you any suggestions or comments regarding this composition.


Er… wow…er… no words sorry…:applause: great great great want to see the final, it s better and better!!!
Good luck


It reminds me the dreams in my childhood.:applause:


Great man
Seeing it all togheter is what I’ve been waiting for since I came across your thread :slight_smile:

VERY GOOD WORK :applause: