Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Looks really nice at this point.

The composition really works well IMHO, though it might be worth exploring if it could be a good idea to have the right wing overlap some of the city below. Right now there is a slight chance that the scale is less readable since the plane and the city occupy separate spaces so to speak. An overlap might prevent that.

And I guess the city as such needs some subtle distance haze, to further accentuate how far away it is compared to the flying kid.

Very good and admirably clean work here!




I’d suggest putting an overall gradient on the water, making it darker near the top, which would help the composition.


I was very impetient to see it assebled and I’m really happy of the result. It’s really great. Now waiting for clouds and sea.


Great Work. :drool:


Very nice models and comp! I just saw small misstake on scale :wink: not sure about that…but u see these stairs going up into village, comparing to building scale they r pretty big :slight_smile: people would have to climb to get on top :slight_smile:

Anyway keep up with good work!


Nice first test of composition… already very pleasant…

…concerning the remark of Dodgeas3d about stairs, that really don’t disturb me… long stairs like that exists in outdoor, that give to people a large way to access…

Go Alexi… you rocks man :cool:


good work…


Lemog > yes lenght is ok but i mean height :wink: anyway that coud be passed…


Thanks everyone for your comments. I see that the stairs leading down the hill side are a bit too big, so I’ll add another in between each existing one. I’m also going to add a vapour trail behind the airplane, (perhaps one that spirals back to the runway). There are lots of little things to fix also, like the characters skin and eye colours and some of the decals on the plane. I think I’ll widden the composition as well, showing more empty space ahead of the character, right now everything feels a bit crowded, when it is supposed to feel vast and free. Alexi.


Very nice scene Alexi, the enviromment and character are very good. Great work mate :applause:


hey man…you have an excellent composition, and the agle of the camera is great…good work:bounce:


Hey Alexi,

Nice job on this it is really looking superb.:wip: A couple of small comments, the propeller seems kind of small and the water looks too much like a sky at first glance. Keep up the great job on this.


Im liking the the town, very nice texturing and lighting…
I cant wait for the final render


Well, I spent a whole weekend rendering out layers for the character and the background. I kept doing full rez renders and discovering little things I wanted to change or improve, and I changed my mind on the camera placement a few times as well. But I’m done now, and I’m adding in the effects and painting out some mistakes. Here is the character render, which still needs the propellor effects added in, some reflectivity on the gogles and touch-ups on the hair.


Looks good. THe character looks more lifelike now. So how’s it look in the composition?


An excellent work here! I have followed tour thread and it is very close your concept, there is a lot of work here and a good feeling. It is very clean,and lovely character too.Nothing to crits!! damn it!!!
Good luck till the end!


Here is a view of the town with all the render layers composited together. I’m still working on a better ocean texture (I used the ocean shader from maya, but it looks a bit repetative and unnatural). Where the sea meets the shore I’m going to add in waves and surf from photos, and I’ll paint in the myst and splashes from the waterfall by hand in photoshop.


its looking really awsome !
my respect to you for working on all the small details (and keeping it nicely affordable) ! :bounce:

2 quick things -

I think the biggest weakness besides the ocean shader is the grass. I think you should try a bit more variation in the colors and maybe more bumpiness.

try rendering a good occlusion pass over night. I think it could do wonders to your (allready really good) render (by better showing all the details you made) !


I’ve been adding some waves and myst on top of the sea the waterfall. I used maya ocean shader as a base, and added waves from images in photoshop. My concern now is that they look too real compared to the town model (which had sort of a cartoony feel to it). The falls and river may need to be a bit more transparent as well.


Keep them realistic, it makes them quickly readable. I’d suggest darkening the water near the top of the composition, to help the silhouette of the town.