Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Quite in contrary, it looks much more lively now! This really starts looking more and more spectacular, keep up the great work :beer:


Great textures, care to show some techniques?:drool:


This is one that I really can’t wait to see the composited image! love the elements seperately.


:shrug:i have nothing to say, i have no words to say what i feel to you work:D


Must be fun to texture all those tiny bits :). Looking great, nice image! Should look spectacular with the final lighting.


Ahh, this looks so well - very curious to how the final’ll look! It’s still beautiful, though not yet spectacular… though I imagine a well made lighting would really make this amazing.


Alexi, it’s an outstanding work with architecture! everything seems so “toy-like” - great!

With some fog this can come out with good depth and feeling of height! And good sence of color also!


Looking good with that texturing, Keep going. :thumbsup: Will your people be in low poly?

If you have time could you post a rendered shot from the main tower overlooking the town?(i’ve been wanting to see the perspective of the town.):buttrock:


WOW! Great job. I love the look of it, it reminds me of something Age of Empires-ish. It’d be cool to see an animation of them flying over the city when its all done. I can’t wait to see the next update :thumbsup:


Great Work. And it seems alot of work. I know that you are going to be a winer. Good luck we all are watching with interest.:thumbsup:


Now i don’t which entry of yours i like the most …this ?..or the one before (M&S)?..:thumbsup:


Here are the low rezolution towns folk. I’ve done a male, female and child version of various poses. They are all built from the same mesh and share the same u.v. map, so texturing them was easy. I did a few other planes for the air strip as well, to conect the main character to the town.


Great textures. The village - great and spectacular.:thumbsup:


I’ve been working on the character poses a bit, and trying renders from various angles. It’s hard finding one that shows everything well (so if you see one that you think is the best, let me know). The pose will have to fit with the rest of the composition, so it’s hard to say which is best without the backgound. I’ll post a render of everything together soon.


Hi Alexi, You’ve made some great progress of late… I like the 4th pos way better than the others… I know it doesn’t show much of the work you’ve done but for me it works better to have this machine flying toward us… Good luck with the final comp mate;)


#1 or #4… but as you said, not easy without the background… I’m waiting that impatiently…

Nice little guys :thumbsup:


Agree with Laurent, 1 or 4 :slight_smile: looks pretty :bounce:


Agree with all, 1 or 4 look good.


#4! Most dynamic of them all, IMHO.


Here is an image of the town and character together. I went with a pose that was half way between no.1 and 4 (from my last posting). I’m not sure if the image is working just yet. Once I’m happy with the position of the kid and background I’ll fix up the crappy cloud effects and do some proper lighting. I’m working on a texture for the ocean, rather then using a shader because I’ll be able to customize it to the shoreline. Crits are welcome, (there is still a lot of time for me to play around with the composition).