Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


that’s awsome dude, great!!
Keep it up:buttrock:


great view, beautiful city, and the textures are looking good:buttrock:


:bowdown: Exellent work my freind, Love the City. Keep it up. :thumbsup:


Very impressive! The city itself is looking spectacular so far :slight_smile: It definitely has a more toy-ish style than real, so good luck with keeping it all consistent!


awesome modelling ,i like it very much.


hi alexichabane
looking good the town! :bounce: :bounce: ! understatement it looks great!! :):slight_smile:
cheers man!


The town is done! Now it’s just the cliff and the water that need to be textured and the background will be complete. Soon I’ll bring everything together and work out the final composition and lighting.


Here is a detail of that last render. The details did’t show up too well when I compressed the image to 150kb. In this view you can see a few items still need textureing, and I’m going to add more prople to fill out the streets.


Looks good. I think the hole in the big dome needs to be textured with something a little darker.


this is coming along spectacularly!


Your creation is a real dream for me… I imagine myself… walking in the market place… :applause:


Your details are amazing:applause: . I really like your scene!!:slight_smile:



Wow that’s beutiful! Gives a warm feeling when I’m looking at it. Just imagine that someday the strategy games will look like that… oh yeah…


Alexi, your work is just amazing, I’m with lemog walking in it.

I want a little city like that to myself, how much for one?

Stunning simply stunning!


man this entry simply rocks!! im speechless:arteest:


Amazing work. I really enjoy each step, there is so much to learn from your work. I am speachless.


i don’t know how can i show you my feeling alexi … wow !! :bounce:


what can i said…excellent work here, just waiting and seeing your work :slight_smile:
waiting for your next update !


The village is already spectacular. :slight_smile:
Great job.


Here is the latest render of the town, it dosn’t look like much has changed but I’ve been textureing a lot of the smaller ogjects and adding more details. I’ve got the cliffs textured, though I’m still going to add a layer of moss over the rock. The ocean still needs a texture as well, and the river needs some more work. But other then that I’m happy with how it’s all comming together. All that’s left is adding some more people in the streets.