Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Crazy concept! I like it ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

cant wait to see more!

Where was this hidding? (I was offline for 1 month!)


you have done great :thumbsup:


very brilliant ! I follow this thread for a moment, it’s time to say what I think !
WAAAAAAAW ! :scream:
this is a excellent work ! very detailed. thx !


wow really detailed roof texture !


hey the texturing on the roof is great, i think that you have a beatuful escene with that town:eek:


excellent work again Alexi ! :thumbsup:


Greate job!!! realistic and stylish! Keep it up!


very nice progress !
ya gonna texture the walls next ? make sure u varray their detail as well as you did on the roofs :slight_smile:



it’s a delight for the eyes.
Nothing to say but move on. It’s great work.


Here are some of the textured buildings and props. It’s taking a lot longer then I thought to texture the houses, even though I’m not mapping them really carefully. And because I added little details to many of the copies I can’t even transfer the u.v.'s. My delema now is whether to make all the buildings out of the same stone texture or to varry textures (as I’ve been doing). This adds interest but makes the town look kinda cluttered. Maybe I’ll just desaturate them all a bit so certain textures don’t stand out so much.


A more detailed view of buildings and streets. I’ve got some low-rez people and horses walking aroung and I’ll be adding more, as well as some other details to fill in the space. Hopefully I can finish over the weekend and get going on the second character!


Can’t wait to see the finished piece!


ey man, besides saing again ya doing a good job on this image, as one who is currently working ona huge scene myself, I gotta tell ya u are doing a great job with keeping everything (poly count and texture size limits) so detailed yet affordable to render ! :applause:

can ya give us some info about that ? (whats the poly count, how many objects, how many textures)


wo wo wo i am realy exited watching your progress :bounce: :bounce::bounce: welldone … luck may be

with you :thumbsup:


Very pretty and inspiring :thumbsup: it’s very funny to discover all these “little details”… bravo :bounce:


In response to zman’s question about the size if the town: Right now it is 200,780 faces (and 40mb), but I’m always adding more stuff. I’m using about 30 different textures right now, 12 different stone\brick types, 4 kinds of rooves and various colours of wood, plaster and grass. Typically the textures are 512 by 512 and are tilable. I’ve just made some good cobble stone textures for the ground and rock for the cliff face, so I’m nearing the end. Alexi


Hi Alexi,
the closeups look amazing! I wonder what the whole composition (with characters) looks like now.

By the way, did you get the PM I sent you a couple of days ago?


Pier Janssen


What a lot of details in that piece…:applause: great progress:thumbsup:


Well, the buildings are finally done. I realize that you can’t really see much detail from this far away, so I’ll post a close up or two, once I finish texturing the ground. Hopefully I can finish everything within the next few days and I can start lighting the final composition. (I just hope the details will show well in the final image).


Same thing, just another view. I’m not sure how I’ll handle the cliff side (it dosn’t look that good when I smooth it), so I’ll probably end up adding more edges to keep the ridges well defined.