Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


Maaan, that’s SPECTACULAR! already…ah you…you …no words. The first view is better!


love your city - reminds me of dubrovnik - really strong clean designs for the aircraft logo and characters - I’m coming back here, I mean really.


awesome job,great,great,great :buttrock:


wow…wow… :slight_smile:


wow amazing work!
i love all of your work!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Alexi, kickass stuff happening here. Love the concept. Sorry I haven’t visited earlier, but I’ll follow from now on. :thumbsup:


The city is great! Really amazing. This is the best idea for the contest I´ve seen so far.


Really great ! amazing detail !


wow! you have a lot of work here…
good luck!


weee! this entry is looking so cool! , the concept is very well done, and your modeling skills are of the best around…:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:, on the favorites list mate!


This is really spectacular! Great concept and wonderful idea!


That is beautiful. No real crits. I love the scale and the setting and design. It must be a wonderful place to live :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing more of this image as it continues.


Wow Alex! That’s really very cool stuff! :thumbsup: The city is really very similar to ‘the ultimate city’… It may be a city of my dreams…! Really cool to see you’re able to build such a cool concept around the challenge theme! :scream:

I can’t wait for the moment in the image-creation process when your gonna play with the mood - the lighting & texturing…! :slight_smile:

You might wanna check out my GSO entry… It’s a little bit similar to your work here, only you do it better! I’ve seen myself how hard it is to get a whole city of different looking houses, so I admire you the more! :thumbsup:

Have tons of fun & Lots of luck! :beer:


A detail of some of the textured buildings. I’ve made up several different stone and roof textures and I’ve begun to appy them to the buildings that will be nearest to the camera. It has been really slow going, but once I get the (original) buildings mapped properly it will just be a matter of transfering those u.v.'s to the other copies of that building.


looks very nice :thumbsup:


Here is a shot of the whole town with the textured rooves. The testure are 256 or 512 pixel tiles that I can re-use on rooves of (almost)any shape. For the towers a tile texture was revolved in photoshop (with thanks to Chris). The hardest to size correctly was the citadel building (the largest dome), which still needs a bit of work.


• Yeah! i like the idea, love that strategy game style on the city and i must say, i love the idea of those guys flyingaway, it promises an spectacular image :thumbsup:


Pretty and cool… nothing to crit… just very pleasant :thumbsup:


Same thing as Lemog, nothing to crit, this city looks nice!


Really lovely stuff here alexi, great work!

I dropped you a PM by the way :slight_smile: