Spectacular 3D Entry: alexi chabane


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Latest Update: Final Image: finished at last


So here is my general idea, it’s sort of a future-past setting with kids in old-school propellor driven air ships, high above thier cliff side town. There is going to be an ocean and some clouds beneath them, and if that isn’t spectacular enough, I’ll through in some lens flares and motion blur. I’d like to try a combination of cartoony charcters and realistic (but stylized) backgrounds. Hopefully it will turn out ok.


I don’t know… Couldn’t they have a break-dancing robot sidekick?.. (kidding)

More foreshortening! I mean, um, my suggestion would be more forshortening.


[size=2]Woops, double post.


Wow! Great drawing. The concept looks to be very cool. Can’t wait to see this in 3d.

Oh yea, I agree, you need more foreshortening.:smiley:


Thanks for the comment on foreshortening , chris that guy, but the characters aren’t supposed to be parallel to the ground. I wanted it to look like they where doing barrel rolls or something. Maybe with vapour trials this will be more evident. I may set the second character back in space a bit, (it’s gonna be 3d, so I can adjust the elements a lot for the final image). I’m going to start with ont of the plans tonight, adn on some of the buikldings for the town. Alexi.


cool … :slight_smile:

waiting your modeling soon … :slight_smile:


Nice sketch. The two characters remind me of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable for some reason, hehe. No doubt the modeling will be great, but maybe play with the composition a bit more.


Veyr cool sketch you have there. The view from the top makes the image looks realyl grande and spectacular.



Man, you´ve got the best “jetpack” designs I´ve seen in a long while. Can they hover with those? :slight_smile: Good luck with the modelling, I´m looking forward to seeing how the image turns out.


Welcome! And goodluck! Love the POV and the gliders.


Really nice concept - I really like the composition - very balanced and dynamic.

Great stuff!


Congatulations… fantastic concept… I like a lot your space-island-town :thumbsup: Few month ago, I have a similar project, but without time to do it… It’s with lot of pleasure that I will following your project :applause:


Here are some designs for the girl character, with a little help from by buddy brian wong (his are the good ones). I tried to keep the design simple and fairly cartoony, kind of like the characters from the incredibles, (but not in a copyright infringment, get sued by pixar sort of way.) This is the character I’m going to start with, and hopefully I’ll have time for both.


hi … thats some coolest drawing not to mention the even cooler concept… keep it up and nice work :arteest:!


Wow nice characters, I liked the little girl down… shes cute, with nice design…

Good luck :slight_smile:

EDIT: I liked the shoes with this sheet over her chest…


o how i wish i had your drawing skillz, so nice and so clean :confused:
can’t wait to see how it will look in 3D, good luck!


really nice designs man and the concept looks lovely.it cool to see someone else designing there character before modelling lots of people just can do a doodle and fire in the modeling.
if you can get the sense of distance between them and the city ,like they are really high up then it will be spectacular good luck


:slight_smile: Really great Concept, look forward to this one.


Nice character design. I think the head is a tad big but lookign great though.