Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


nice image, vampeta :slight_smile:



congrats man, turned out very nice.:thumbsup:


Great image congrats.


Amazing finish man, great work :thumbsup:
I really like the choise of colors and theres so much action in this one.


I’m lovin’ it.:thumbsup:


Hi Alex,

You’ve definitely raised the bar! Your image has it all. Great Job!


Congratulations! :applause:

It looks fantastic, I like there everything.
Good luck in judging :thumbsup:


@ Lemog :: I think coffee into the vains will help a bit… i tried this at the GSO Challenge :wink: ha ha ha

@ Gunilla :: Thanks Friend!

@ gardogg :: Thanks my Friend! you know every challenge is different, and sometimes you have an great idea and the transportation of the idea works fine… like in the GSO Challenge… and sometimes you go with the main stream. I knew already that my idea is not the newest… As in the last challenges i always go with my first idea. This conzept came up reading the guidelines of the Challenge.
For me i think, it´s my best work i have done in CG until now… let´s see what comes next :wink:

@ Crying Horn :: Thanks Friend!

@ sergioKomic :: Dito!

@ Maxter :: Thank you also!

@ Squibbit :: :love:

@ SNoWs :: Thanks !

@ Shortgrey :. Dito!

@ Mr Micro26 :: Thanks a lot Friend! can´t wait 4 the next challenge… i have so much free time now :hmm::arteest:hihihi

@ umfridus :: Thanks!

@ harryb :: also Thanks!

@ rawwad :: Ha! Thanks Friend! Mr. first post in every thread :wink: hahaha (ilike your spectacular also… It´s like we had both somehow the same idea… but the conversion comes out great!

I just want to say it again and again and again.
I´m very happy to to see how many old and new Friends had come to this thread and giving me your awesome feedback!


You know X-Mas is coming… Let´s GROVE :wink:


am I too late to the finished-image-party? :eek:
just wanna write… you have a really stylish image… :bounce:
and a good story to go with it… well done :applause:


hi…i love the scene man, congrats…now, i wanna know what software you use and what did you use to render…how did you make the fires!!! man, that on coming out of the engine of the “car”…mans, very nice…cherrs!


Fantastic Cherry on the Cake… with this extra Santa-Claus… Nice to finish your challenge in beauty…

…and about the coffee… I drink a lot of expresso during the day, certainly too much for my health… and if I watch the results… no effect on me :scream: hahahahahaha


congratulations on the final alex . amazing work.


amazing work man!!:bowdown:, i have not smart words to say, just::applause:


jajaja santa disco…very funny:twisted:


Great final image Alex :smiley:

Love the oldschool style of the hovercars.
Great composition and colors.

Very action packed :thumbsup:


Bohahaha …::BOOGIE BELLY SANTA !!::… ahahahahaha :scream:


definitively spectacular! another masterpiece for you, no critics (they are not necessary)
good luck:thumbsup:


It’s really exciting and thrilling!

This is Spectacular.

Hope you will win the prize AGAIN.:applause: :applause: :applause:


@ Dbeyond :: Thank you my friend. a 2nd BOXX ?! hmm let me think…:drool:
But i think there are a lot of other challenge entries that are the hell better then mine :wink:

@ Smooth-Criminal :: Thanks Friend!

@ Zapan :: [i]HEY… HEY… hey,hey,hey… MACHO MACHO MAN…:buttrock:

[/i]@ 3dRaven :: Hey Master, how you doing?! Thanks 4 your great words my friend!

@ melkao :: YEAH!

@ rattlesnake :: Dito! :wink:

@ Agamemnwn :: Thanks Friend!

@ Lemog ::

Nice to finish your challenge in beauty
I will try my best friend!

@ referri ::Thanks Friend! I use mostly 3dsmax, the fire is made with the cellular texture as displacement and difuse-map on a low polymodel with mechsmoth. the final touch up is made with particles on o different layer and some glow fx in photoshop… (ok ok i know this is very short… i will prepare a making of in the next days :wink: ) Thanks!

@ makaron :: No. not to late! take a beer and let´s grove :wink: Thanks

This non stoping feedback is realy awesome.
I remember my GSO days with 19 pages of feedback at the final… and now… I see i have a lot of new friends from all over the world.
I want to thank you all for your great support!! and i hope to see you all back soon!

And by the way :: Here is a small add-on to the Challenge i have posted in the “finished 3D Gallery”
Hope you like it

Cheers :beer: Alex


Cool picture, very dinamic, but overall great history.

Good luck Alex