Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


Ho damned… blue text is certainly less visible for me…

I delete what I say before now… hahahaha… P.E.R.F.E.C.T then :thumbsup: and lot of :beer:


Don´t worry Antoine i did not get it into the wrong shape :wink: hahaha

Thanks Friend!


very cool story alex…:applause: i like that ruff positive positive mind on your character!


Hi Alexander,

you done a great job in this challenge (as always)
Hope you are in the front row this time.

See you in the next challenge


Ralf Stumpf


Cool story Dude, hey you are a good story teller too…:slight_smile: Once againg congratulations for your Awesome final image:applause:.


wow cool final entry and a story (sorry I missed that didn`t reply in time) :thumbsup:


Hey Alexander,

Congrats on a beautiful final render ,:thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup: I like the people being thrown by the explosion in the stands, I didn’t notice this in the previous images. Great story that goes along with it and good luck .


Congratulations man for finishing this image:thumbsup: see ya!


So many great entries. This ranks up there with the best. The race feels fast and the explosion is great, with just a touch of carnage. SWEEEET!(Cartman’s Voice):buttrock:



Congrats man…Awesome work and in style…i like the story too. … :applause:


Umm… I believe I already said :cry: a coupla times… Soooo…

My eyes follow up through the driver to the smoke/fire trail, then around to the poor wee people flying through the air… Nice!

Congratulations on yet another classic image mate, I think you’ve achieved a very authentic vibe with your palette and have really enjoyed watching you craft this from start to finish:applause:

Thanks and good luck!


One more time Alex , this is awesome… well perfect must be the right word !!
And now that I know the story, this is even better…Congratulations Meister :bowdown:

Oh and btw looks like stand up party in the Bronson’s… arf I whish I could join them…mmmh and now I think that I must find a Bronson costume…:smiley:


Alex as usual another Masterpiece! :thumbsup: Best of luck in the contest and however the outcome, you did an awesome job. I just wish I could see it come to life. God bless! :slight_smile:


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And above all… Thanks to everyone i don´t wrote in this post.
I will be right back :wink:

Thank you a lot… and again this was a relay cool adventure… and i can´t wait to challenge the next one :slight_smile:

See ya soon Friends
:beer: Alex


Hahahaha… you really beleive that ? I’ve just adapted my sleeping duration to the minima… :beer: hahaha


Congrats for finishing such great work! :thumbsup:


Very nice image. I’m impressed, but I expected something cool from you for obvious reasons (GSO). Way to finish strong.


Congrats on final Vampeta, I enjoyed your story line, especially that part - after race :D. As I said before you work is great indeed I like your style and color scheme, best of luck on judging :beer: see you…



Good luck:thumbsup:


Great image… Great story:thumbsup: