Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


brilliant!! very very nice !congrats, there’s another masterpiece!cheers


Nice work! I love the architecture and camera angle. Very exciting and dynamic. Great work on the explosions and fire too. Nice style - kinda like wipeout meets vintage racing!


Congrats on the final man! I really think you have a very good chance at one of the top positions! The only thing thats missing I think is some motion effect on the ground/front car. But thats nitpicking (i wish i could do what you did! :confused: )

One more question, your photoshop file is 180mb?? what computer do you work with and what 3Dcard? i’d really like to know !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, a BIG congrats for finishing it, i loved watching this thread every day for the past 2 months ! :slight_smile:


congratulation mate! very awesome final image !
but feel sad that the fun part has end , you know , the funiest part of challenge is WIP so we have to wait until next challenge to have fun again,:thumbsup:


Congratulations Dude:applause: Great job:thumbsup: Modeling, texturing, particles, Env. and comp. everthing looks awesome:bowdown:.


:drool: Wooaa congratulations Meister !!!This an outstanding masterpiece , everything’s perfect.
I’m just enjoying this , wishing the best of luck for you , definetly one of my favourite around !.

:bowdown: :beer: … spam bonus : and now what’s going on ? , little party with the Bronson’s ?


it certainly is spectacular, exremely nice work my friend :beer:


Congratulations man. You made it :beer:




Here is a PHOTO i found in my chest from that BRONSON PARTY after the great race… 1910…

This Challenge was even awesome as all the other chalenges from cgsociety.org(cgnetworks)
I just hope to see ya all back soon. :wink:

Cheers friends!


well done :applause:


Well done mate… congratulation… I don’t repeat all my words concerning your creation, you know how I can appreciate your concept and your image…

Now, I’m waiting the big print version :scream: and I wish you the best for the final Spectacular Judge Cession… the harder part of the challenge :twisted:


The final piece is precisely what this challenge is about!
Cool! :applause: Though I still would like to have seen the pilot of the exploting car flying on flames like those poor guys in the public! :thumbsup:


Congrats, Alex…:applause: You can be really proud now of your outstanding work! :beer: Ich wünsche Dir, dass die Jury Dein Werk genauso begeistert aufnimmt, wie ich. Alles Gute und liebe Grüsse!:wavey:



hi Alex… u finished it and i didnt even knew!! i very big congrats man for doing an excellent masterpiece! :bounce: :bounce: !
cheers man and goodluck again! :slight_smile:


ohhhh yeah Alexander :applause: :thumbsup: and :beer:
congrats !


This dam suckers at tripod! :twisted::banghead::argh:

Here is the Picture again… that one i found in my chest from the great Bronson Party after the race!

I´m just in love with all your comments… that´s too much 4 me now…


Greate job! You are one of the best here!:applause: Good luck with your entry! :slight_smile: I like explosion most of all! :slight_smile:


Hahahaha… I love the Munchen Bronson Party… very funny… :applause: :smiley: hahahahahaha G.R.E.A.T. :thumbsup:


It’s all imagination and science Fiction you see in this Picture.
It´s all about What if

What if the people in the 19th century had already the ability to hover

What if they are doing awesome World-Championships with hovering vehicles

[i]Saturday. 9 March 1910

One of my worst days
but also one of the best days in my whole life.
It is near at the end of the final lap. My RICHTHAMMER - Hover Racer runs like hell and everything seems to be perfect.
I can touch the smell of victory this time, and there are only 2000 meters to go. Only one last corner and there it is
the great arena
finishin line.
The crowd goes wild, and I can smell their testosterone. But something went wrong
what´s that noise
This dam sucker in the AUTO-UNION. DAM it! I´m HIT!
My rudder blocks and i can´t control my Hover-Racer. OH MY GOD
the sky turns red. Someone must have crashed into my left rudder.


Everything is like slow-motion now.
I can fell the pressure from my heartbeat bumping blood into my vains
. bum
. bum

My eyes went to the right side of my cockpit and I saw this pure guy in his racer hitting the track-margin and become a ball of fire flying right into the arena.

Things are speeding up again and heart is bumping like a capoeira drummer. VICTORY!
I cross the line short before that sun of a bitch to my right. It was his fault.

This should be the happiest day in my life, but my face is covered with tears

There he stands on the podium
to my right side. Smiling like he has won the race
but he doesn’t!!
This was my day!

There is only one thing left i have to do


It´s an incredible feeling to broke your fingers hitting that dam smiling bastard.

Now i feel better.



I like how turn your story Alex… just disturbing by the year “1910”… it’s a real reference… not your world… ? not ?