Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


Awesome work so fire , I love the explosion effect :slight_smile: I would still like to see some motion blur however just to increase that dynamic feeling …


…only a few things left… (i hope so)

See ya Friends!


:bounce:Uuuffff, i need a bit air. Amazing race, i loved the style and design, very fine. Also good work with the models. The Brazilian’s flag is the must beatifull on the post, hehehe. Congrats mate :applause:


Looking Really great!



keep up the good work :thumbsup:


That comes very good and strong Alex… I’m happy to see now the Auto-Union… just hope you will post soon other view of it… you planed a splendid design, and now, with the motion blur we can’t interpret it… a shame :scream: hahahaha… I’m waiting the map “3 views”… :thumbsup:

In fact, maybe there’s too much motion blur… and maybe you must approach more front this new car… of you can trick to have it a little bit bigger… more near and more front permit the spectator of you masterpiece to have a better view, and also to increase the spectacular, to increase the pressure of the race, and of course… the imminent danger of the situation… what do you think about that my friend ?

Anyway… the rest is very beautiful, nice and all that kind of words… there’s lot of time you know I’m a real fan of this project… always much pleasure to discover all these details… as the new flags…

You remember certainly my old remarks about the left wall… a little nude… I always have the same feeling today… less present, but this part need something to enriched it… as dirty things or scratches, or eventually somes wires… or electric boxes… to something too big or too visible… that doesn’t disturb the spectators of the actual action…

Do you planed to add motion blur to the main car ? if not… maybe sufficient to have a more blured shadow under the car… we can see the hard contrast difference between the both.

Too much wrote this morning Lemog… I stop now… good day and good continuation on your project Alex… GO GO GOOOOOOOOoooooooooo :thumbsup:


Your image is looking great.Do you need that much motion blur on the second car?It is such a nice racer and now you can hardly see it.


:applause: best wishes with judges :slight_smile:


wouaw, i really like the render of the ground and the shader for the racing car, really nice work here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Love the driver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, very very nice work.

Think maybe the motion blur on the front of the competitor looks a little strange.


It turns great. The fact you add a 2nd pod improve much the quality of your picture.


The second racer does appear a bit amorphous currently. Other than that, it’s all exceptionally nice, and that smily looks like it was made for this very moment, to join this race :smiley:



indeed looks very spectacular! :thumbsup:


Looks great! Beautiful composition, great light! Give that sucker a helmet, will ya? :slight_smile:


Great! I love scratched shader of that bolid… just strangely looks front hole, i mean shadows, these specular glows on inner side of vent -hole, everything else turns great :thumbsup:


That, smiley face does it for, oh, that is just friggin amazing!:rolleyes:
In all seriousness this is a very complete image comp is very nice and the fire effect I am diggin’! Good luck dude!:thumbsup:


This turned out very beautiful. The pallette is really nice. The guy in the ship is, in my opinion, just the cherry on the sundae, the image ispretty much done! Something not quite 100% with the people in the bleachers, seems like they´re a bit transparent. at first I thought it was motion blur, but the pillar above their heads seems to be in focus…


Race. I like this word! :slight_smile: Great theme for spectacular challenge, I have race too :smiley:

It looks excellent, fantastic vision of race. I like it very much, there is everithing , speed, great flying cars, big explosion, fantastic enviroments,…
Keep on rocking! :applause:



Wow…looks nice! :eek: I like the dynamic of the image. I feel the power of this vehicle… :twisted: The explosion is nice too! But the sky is strange a little bit, maybe because of the contrast. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, and good luck! :thumbsup:


Good Job man!:thumbsup: