Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


This is a fantastic scene! Everything’s moving forward toward the viewer and the Dutch tilt on the camera helps convey the dynamics of all that forward motion! I noticed that you’re thinking about putting birds in that “V” shaped crest between the statue and the building in the distance. Right now that “V” is acting as a directional element to point your eye to the explosion in back of the race car. If you put stuff there it might take your eye out of that wonderful flow you’ve got going on. Have you considered something else that would help accent that forward motion? Maybe a couple jets high up in the sky flying almost straight up, following that center point perspective, with some wispy contrails or something that act as arrows to direct your eye down to the explosion?

Just a thought. This image really stands out! It would make a killer poster!


The final steps… :)))

I have currently some turbo stress on my dayjob :frowning: but i found some time 4 a short update.

Here is Mr. Bronson in Low-Res with some more details on his leather helmet and the glasses.

See ya on the next update Friends.
Cheers Alex


great update alex. The only thing that strikes me odd is the way the mouth is but is you are going to cover it like you have it the concept sketch it doesnt matter :smiley: :thumbsup:


Great work on this character. he’s completely in the syle of your picture. Maybe the upper lips is a little too in front but we have to see in the good point of view because he will be small at screen.


hey nice work, vampeta, keep it up :thumbsup:



cool I like him :thumbsup:


Hello Everyone,

here is another small update on Mr. Bronson.

I don´t want to put to put too much Detail on him because he is only kind of small in Final :wink:

Hope you like it anyway… :wink:
See ya Friends and Thanks 4 the great supply!
Cheers Alex


Nice bronson! :beer:


well no crits… just watching ! :thumbsup:


And there is the Bronson buddy :bounce:

well no crits for me neither, just enjoying your work

Keep it up Meister :buttrock: Say hi to the Bronson’s gang:wip:


keep it up :wip:


Hi Alexander, This guy looks like he’s coming along great! I can’t wait to see your final rendering!

BTW: Thanks for your comments! I posted an actual model today. If you have a moment and if you have any ideas I’m all ears. This is the main sculpture – kind of the ancor to the whole piece.


hiya Alex … been a while since i last checked! man thats some cool explosions and fire! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:! and the modeling of the head is coming quite well! see u and cheers man!


Hi folks,

sorry 4 the delay in my post´s i´m a kind of busy these days :frowning:

I found some time on modeling the last racer.

Status report:

  • Image is at 95% Finished
  • Textures on Mr Bronson still Missing
  • Dented Auto Union racer on the left with textures
  • and some particle effects…sparks etc…

Thank you all 4 your great feedback. and see you this week.

Cheers Alex


Happy to see that… in the profil view… we can exactly feel the Auto-Union touch… very good… you adapted well the design to your concept and story…

…I’m very impatient to discover the real version in 3d… really good Alex… :beer:


Great Racer Alex … again :thumbsup:

That’s an amazing piece of work, and I just can’t wait to see the final…

Come on friend :bounce:


Nice looking racer.Great progress also.Can’t wait to see your finnished image.


keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Cool racer Alex! I like the grill, Kind of like a '30s Crysler Airflow.


your art is awesome…your pc too.