Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


wo realy intresting very very very :bounce: …the only crit is that the place where the explosion is happening should be a lot briter than the other places i think …make it


The racer is now really better… a last point… why don’t have some “artefacts” (real artefacts) of reflection of the racer… I know that’s not a mirror… but in other hand, the surface is not anodized… We must certainly watch some “forms” of the environment in reflection… not ? nothing very precise… but anyway some tones nuances…

About the “3”… I don’t know who suggest to put it in red… I think that can be can good… but not a random red… for it… pick a red color of the explosion… that will continue to limit the color spectrum of your future vintage race

I always have a little problem with the low wall at left… in fact, it was appear very poor with the rest… maybe that give us a resting part in the picture, but in this case… eye is catch by this wall… It need certainly not too much other details… just to have an interest… don’t know… that will be statues, molures, wires, posters, holes, wrinkles or scratches… we doesn’t forget that this wall is near of the track and can receive many things…

The electric wires will certainly find a good place on the rails of each part of the track, and why not, some little electric boxes, or old light box…

Some morning thoughts Alex… in you can find something inside that, I will happy… :thumbsup:


Great up date dude.It looks much improoved-awesome work you are doing.


Stunning work again! Good that you fixed your material problems…the racer looks amazing now!:applause:



Excellent work, i like the update:bounce:


cool updates :cool:


Nice colors and composition Vampeta. Also very interesting style, it’s like alternative future. No crit on the work, maybe just a fire flows a bit unatural, but I guess you will tweak that in the future, Good luck!


God, I wish there was a “jaw-drop” smilies available, cause my jaw literally dropped 5 feet from seeing the latest image.
Absolutely incredible work, Alex (as always). :bowdown:


Hey Alexander,

Your scene is coming along great, the explosion reaching into the seating looks great.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Talk about being in the hot seat. The sky also looks very nice, keep up the great job.


Great work, really amazing !


Ok ok… i bought myself a PSP =) that´s the reason 4 the spare updates :wink: SORRY!

I´m now at 95%
only the Auto Union Racer and the Pilot in the Front car is missing.
(and some small environment pieces):wink:

I dit some updates on the Arena (thanks Lemog and James 4 some great ass kickes :wink: and cool hints… Thanks Friends!! )

And some more glows and sparks on the explosion…

That´s all 4 today.
Thank´s to everyone 4 the great feedback… sorry i´m a bit short in time these days. I just hope you 4give me the spare updates ;/

See ya Friends


uau!! this is amazing!!! the fireball effect stay perfect!!!


cool work keep it up :thumbsup:


@ Lemog :: Hi my friend. Sorry 4 the late answer. I know what you mean but i´m afraid that this is not easy to realize because the racer is now rendered with a different rendering engine and it´s not part of the main scene anymor (you saw the result with mentalray :wink: ) If i want to do this artefacts i have to paint by hand :banghead:

About the “3”… my first version was in red but somehow i like it more in black… maybe i will turn again :Dhahaha

The wall with the arcs is now a bit tuned up, and of course the left side will be covered with smoke from the burning “AUTO UNION”

Electric wires?!.. great idea!
As always very helpfull hints my friend :beer: Cheers!

@ A I R :: Thanks Friend! Yep it´s somehow hard to realice something you can imagine but you don´t know exactly how to…! I think the Fire is a good example 4 this. And 4 myself… i like the end result. :beer:

@ visualact.com :: Thanks Friend!
@ SONIC-X :: Dito!
@ daWinky :: Danke! Du machst mich echt etwas verlegen :blush: Thanks!!
@ melkao :: Thanks!
@ the best :: Dito!
@ Crying Horn :: Thansk! Yep… Fire is still WIP but nearly finished
@ ArtisticVisions :::blush::bounce::buttrock:
@ mmoir ::Thanks Friend!
@ agou :: Dito!
@ ziriguidum :: Thank you!

And a big sorry 4 the spare answers to all your post´s, I´m trying to follow and answer in each thread as in my own. I will found some more time after this image is finished! I promise!

See ya Friends!


Ok Alex… I just see the “AUTO-UNION” position with your last update, and of course… my suggestion about these details are out of subject now…

About metal aspect of your car… compositing and FX is the final step of our work, not ? you can add all these little detail with your “hand”… and that will be Spectaculay Awesome… :wip:


Mostlty spectacular man! Cool work, I like these fire smoke effects!:cool:


Awesome work so far dude.It is spectacular.


almost there :beer:


looks explosive, keep out :thumbsup:


… aaahhhh… no words… :applause: Looks totally awesome! Great work!!!