Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


Damn:banghead: I have missed one more rocking thread:sad: great job dude looks awesome:thumbsup: .
I’m speechless, scene is truly spectacular, Keep going dude waiting to see more:bounce: :bounce:


All I’ve got to say is :applause: I’ll let you know if I can ever find something to criticize! Awesome composition by the way.


Hi Friends,

here is the racer with the updated first Material.

The explosion in the background is made with the default cell material from 3DSMAX and displacement… very simple and very quick technique… but i think it works.

I dit also a hihgres version again.
please check it out here


See ya Friends
And Big thanks 4 all the masive feedback and hints!

Cheers Alex


Very nice render, also think the explosions fits in very well even though they are simple.

Only thing is perhaps, that all the people around the explosion fire are standing the exactly same way as the people far away from it. Would nice if they had a reaction to the explosion, like holding up their hands in front of face. Ducking. If you know what i mean.

It would be a VERY nice touch i think :wip:

The sparks from the racer looks great.

Looking forward to see the driver with a pair of real 50’s goggles :cool::cool::cool:


Shaping up very nicely here - particularly how the fireball illuminates parts of the structure on the left, nice touch.

Things that stand out to me as slightly off: the fire components have rather sharp edges, maybe they could get more of a frayed/broken-up edge (guessing these are some sort of sprites… not familiar with Max cells… but there’s an alpha involved perhaps, could have its edges softened)

And then the arcs on the base wall of the grandstand, just looks like they could use a softer bevel or something, as they look a bit painted on right now - it’s hard to see if it’s a straight extrude inwards and a shadow, or if they are soft concave insets.

Just details however. The main impact of the image is great, and that’s what matters :thumbsup:



Oooh, I’m loving this render. I definitely think your project is coming along well, and that it has a top-notch feel.

Just one very minor suggestion: The main car looks like its been playing bumper cars for the last 200 laps… very scratced and battered… and it looks superb like this! :slight_smile: However, i noticed in the high-res version that the front grill is nearly impeccable. A little wear and tear on the front of the car is what i suggest. Just a suggestion, though.

Keep up the great work!


very nice render, it’s getting really spectacular, and lots of detail!
what does the nr3 stand for ? :slight_smile:


Same material… ? strange… it appear to need more reflectivity… not ? now, it just appear more “scratched”… but as the previous rendering… very satined… it missed something I think… :shrug:

Agree with James about arc now… I don’t see that before, but now… I see only that :smiley:


That’s a great work. Nice fx. I would just say the explosion could light more the bg to be more integrated.
Good luck.


Very good mood in the render:thumbsup:

The cell material workes out nicely, it just needs some DOF or Motionblur og something to get the action going.
sparks are brilliant,.


That highres texture looks great up close and the flames of crash are great.

Nice going dude.


Now its becoming spectacular… (honest I was worried that all that work would go to waste cause without the smoke-fireballs the image IMHO looked dull)



Wow Alex , just wow :eek:

Really amazing, fire effects are perfects and add so much to the color balance , and wow again.
Just few suugestions if you let me : all the Bronson team :scream: is looking at the race ground , even those who are actually in flames… well something’s disturbing about that :smiley: .
And maybe some scratches on the “3” very clean comparing to texture around (gorgeous by the way)…

Well I guess this is neatpicking besides only on the Hi.res (thx btw), maybe I look at you pic a little bit too long


Nothing much to crit.
The grand atmosphere of legendary race is here.
Only the explosion trail is kinda cheap,but I guess you are working on it.
Cool stuff here pal.
Seeya :wavey:


Perfectly! With streams of air from huge speed it will be magnificent!


Excellent explosions Alex ! This is going to be a great picture !


yep explosions rocks ! congrats !


@ jddog :: Thanks Friend

@ gpepper :: Dito!

@ Sergey Banityuk :: Thanks, … i will try to :wink:

@ A I R :: Thanks friend! Yep the explosion trail is still in progress :wink:

@ Zapan :: :beer::blush::eek::scream::slight_smile:

@ sergioKomic :: Thanks friend nice to hear

@ SONIC-X :: Thanks

@ 3d-empire :: Nice Idea with the motion blure… if i find some time i will try this out.

@ authentic :: Yes the explosion needs some more light, i will tune this up in the later
steps… Thanks!

@ Lemog :: Hi Friend! Now i found the problem with the Material. As i said bevore the problem is GI. Now i found a good way to mix the materials together. ( i will show it in a few minutes) I think without your help critique it would be looking awfully in the Final. Thanks Friend!

@ simon.wt :: Thanks Friend! It´s just my third CHALLENGE! :wink:

@ imbusion :: Thanks! When there is time enough left this is defenetly one of my higher prioritys!

@ JamesMK :: Thansk Friend! Yes there are a lot of things in the image that are need some more work! The problem is the lost of time during my dayjob :scream:Hahaha
I will try to do my best on this one in the last 30 days!

@ morphar :: Thanks 4 the great feedback! Yes this is also on my todo list… burning people… flying stundman… destruction… YES!!:twisted:

See ya friends!


Another material update on the racer and some tune ups on the explosion!

See ya Friends
Cheers Alex


Hi Alex.
Beatyfull stuff here,I like the car u made here,just positive comments from my side man,
It is for sure one of the better entrys here.

I,personally would sufficate the fire in the trail of the explosion,make it more of a smoke kinda with fire parts in it rather than fire kinda with smoke parts in it,explosion itself is nice,
but the trail is pocking my eye.
Just beeing honest.But like I have said,beside this minor thing,this is peace of work.
Keep it sharp.
Greetings :slight_smile: