Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


i think it’s hard to pick now unless you put it in environment, don’t know you plan something in next update , but I think reflection is very important in car paint, maybe you can add it , and if you decided to go sepia in final , i think value of car and street is not defferent enough (in my opinion) , good and very potential image in this challenge again ! dude!


In first… thanks for highres… that can permit us to really appreciate your work… and definitively… I prefer the first material… the third is not appropriate for me… too satined… a strange material for me… it remove a part of spectacular of your car… really my tought… it’s maybe a mistake of my eyes…
…I stopped now… the choice is yours… I’ve just check your picture another time before to press on the “Submit Reply” button… and definitively… I prefer the first material :thumbsup: :bounce::beer: :arteest: :buttrock: :wip: :banghead: :lightbulb :wavey:


Gee, me got nothing to crit, it’s looking very good, so much work and details! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: SFX are great too!


You don’t whant to do a highres with the first texture?


I didn’t dare to ask it :scream: hahaha



I’m taking a fat chance.

Even if only the vehicle maybe not the whole scene.

Sorry I asked.


ok ok ok you won :wink: :scream:Hahaha
I will make a highres version with the first material also (maybe a bit less spec(ta)cular :wink:

Thanks Friends!

See ya Later


hahaha… thanks… and just a little “less”… Im’ okay :cool:


Can’t wait to see it.



very beautiful ! Nice colors !


this looks veeery nice! full throttle!!!:slight_smile: i prefer the 3rd material, although if i were you i would make it look even “whiter” (to additionaly pop out of the background, and also to reffer to racing tradition of your country, although i see your reference is mercedes’s “silver arrows” :slight_smile: ) and combine it with red numbers painted on vehicle, it looks nice combined with white.
i hope i helped at least a bit! :thumbsup:


Amazing work. Compostion, colors, model, i liked everything:bounce:. Maybe something to do on the explosion, but this is the minor problem:hmm:. Congrats mate, you are doing a great work. :applause:


Great it rocks ! :bounce:


amazing progress…the image is looking great.:thumbsup:


One word…WOW!:thumbsup: Oh oh By the way…The coward pilot ejected out…:smiley:


:eek: Das ist einfach nur allererste Sahne, eine wirklich eindrucksvolle Arbeit und verschlägt mir total die (englische) Sprache:bounce: !! Great work, Alex:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



cool work mate :thumbsup:


Excellent job!:applause:
I’m waiting the final image… :cool:


Amazing work so far, really good style… great work! Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Go Herbie! :bounce: