Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


:thumbsup: good luck


Very nice pov and result :thumbsup:


Hi Folks,

Here you can see what is in each layer.

Layer 1 :: Background / sky (painted in Photoshop & a wacom)

Layer 2 :: The Big-City (putting this in a seperate layer gives me some more freedom 4 later adjustements… :wink:

Layer 3 :: The back part of the raceway (most of it will be covered with smoke and fire from the explosion )(i will show this in the next post)

Layer 4 :: The Arena (Fire and smoke / particle effects will be rendered seperate because with Mental ray and GI “on” i got a lot of strange distortion… so they will be rendered with the default scanline renderer…

Layer 5, 6, 7… (See ya on the next update :wink: )

Cheers :beer: Alex


Wow Alex :eek: , you blow my mind —>

Great painted background … well, everything works with perfection :applause:

Keep up your stunning job mate :bounce:


sepia look is very good ! and latest update is awesome dude! maybe you can increase the detail of explosion, good job !


Very impressive work! Bravo! Keep it up!:bounce:


cooool :thumbsup: keep it up :thumbsup:


Very nice. The “oilpainting look” for the sky looks very cool


I want to say Thanks for all the great support and feedback in this thread.
I´m very happy to see that i´m somehow on the right way with my image :wink:

I rendered 2 versions of the racer yesterday and today but i´m currently total unheappy with that carpaint material.
(thanks Lemog you are so right! )
Problem: i want the objects surrounding the vehicle to reflect on the carpaint … so i have to render it with the scene… but with mental ray and GI this carpaint looks more like a Whale-skin :confused:
Rendered with the default scanline-renderer it looks good… but only without GI… but i do need Global Illumination …grrr :banghead::banghead::banghead:

I have tryed to fake GI with default lighting and placed it into the image ( it just looks like a fake :wink: ) :banghead:

Ok. i will see ya on the next update Friends… with a fresh new carpaint on the racer :wink:


Here are some samples from my material-problems…

and … of course the Fire effect on the frontside is finished =)

See ya


Hey there Alexander, The third works way better for me, I think you could afford to make the material brighter and a little whiter to bring it more out of your background… Good luck with the rest mate:buttrock:


i prefer the third one.:bounce: :thumbsup:


I like number one :slight_smile:


go for #3 alex.



For me it’s the first… it remain me so much all the work of the guys in these ols years, who polish carosseries of that kind of cars… not paint… just many many hours to polish… to have a finished aspect really smooth and clean… a time where these guys was very proud of their work :thumbsup:

And you Alex, you could be proud too :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


1 looks nice.


The third looks great but I also prefer the first one
Great textures Alex… Keep on rocking:bounce:


ooops double post sorry :blush:


I’ve almost missed some great updates - your composition is amazing:thumbsup: , I’m not astonished that your boxx is crashing…concerning your material problems: I don’t see them, I like your “whale material” as well as the third version…Great work as always!:applause:



Here is a version with the 3rd material… I´m bit cunfused now… maybe a mix from the first and the third material in the next version :wink:

P.s: please check out the ULTRAHIGHRES VERSION!

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Cheers Friends and thanks 4 your feedback!