Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


Good work on textures Alex… a little bit too satined for the moment… but you will fixe that soon I’m sure… :thumbsup:


hmmmm… let me think…

3rd ship you have made ?..
3rd one who finished the race ?..
3rd Bronson of your Bronson family ?..
3 is always better than 1 ?..
Snow white and the 3 dwarfs ?..
3 beers remaining before getting drunk ?..

Ok I give up :shrug:

Awesome texture Alex, and great fire effects :eek: :thumbsup:


3 beers for me :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Nice texturing work dude.Your scene is going to look great.


@visualact.com :: :smiley: i hope not! :scream:

@Zapan :: That´s pretty close :DHahaha … how about my third Challenge :wink: but snow white and the 3 dwarfs was also correct!

@Lemog :: Bottled or tins ?! i can put it also in a glas but i´m afraid it´s going to lose fluidty on his way to france :wink: :DHahaha

@SONIC-X :: Thanks Partner!

Cheers Friend!
See ya


Tins are better to celebrate victories of Mr Copermine and Mr Preuss… a thought… maybe a basic “tin” material for his car ?


Q: i´m curious if you find out what the Nr. 3 means

A: You want the 3 rd prize and not the 1st this time?

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: <<< 3 bouncing emoticons

Nice work as always Alexander…


Hmm i see what you mean… thanks 4 your hint friend!
i found some references on the web… i will try to get the same look and feel.



I ssupect 3 was (or is) the number on the car of a Race - Driver u admire…yes?

Cool progress…if u want the turbines inside to be more visible u could add a strong Orange -Red glow in tthere behind them…something like after burn…or something… :slight_smile:


Yes Alex… exactly that… too much blue but very effective on the “third” picture… a sign :thumbsup:


Great texture for the car, in my opinion it’s not to satined and I can’t wait to see the fire reflections on it…:thumbsup: !



Marvelous looking racer with that first texture-job there! But looking at your first concept-sketch for the racer again, I’m wondering if you still intend work on the model itself? Especially the rear section… did you decide against those aileron-like things at the back?

Best regards…



Ok… i have a boxx, 3ds max, and to gigs of mem… nothing can go wrong… perhaps 2000 bronson clones :wink:

Dam… only 2.800.000 Millions Polygons in my Scene and this *!# Box is going to crash :slight_smile: hi hi hi

Here is a short idea how maybe,… possible… this final will ever look like :wink:

Thanks 4 the great supply Friends… See ya!


Amazing work, I´m wondering with all the details in the scene :eek:

I´m following this now :thumbsup:


I Love When You Come Across Work From Artists That Definatly Have The Right Feel For Whats Happening And What Needs To Happen Within Compositions.

Can’t Wait To See The Complete Render…

Good Luck


So you are almost done then :D:bounce:


Nothing to crit about comp and work planed… the story comes goods, and better :thumbsup: Another time, you impress me by your art… :bowdown: Thanks for the Autounion :scream:


That really rocks a lot ! :beer:


It’s done! This looks good and the concept is amazing. I would like to have one of those speeders myself:)


waiting to see it when finished cool work so far :thumbsup: