Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


Great stuff Vampeta, very spectacular picture. Congrats for finishing it on time and good luck for the end result! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Veery cool!hehe, what are the flying guys thinking about?..552 km/h??don´t try this at home,man:D good luck!!


Hi pal,

…what should I say… I`m totally speechless!!! This is really some Spectacular Image :thumbsup: and the story around makes it to a comple masterpiece!!! You definitely you got my vote!!!


Great image dude, best of luck to you, with your final submission, will see you in the next contest I hope, I will do 3d first next time!:thumbsup:


masterpieces work man …:thumbsup:
Congrats for the final !:beer:
Good luck!!!


ding ding - spectacular work my fren. We have a winner!


i love racee image goood luck :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

sory my speak english :argh:


Oh wow nice entry man, live the composition and atmosphere, very nice, i think your previous challenges were alsome too, congrats on the final and best of luck to you in the judging!!


Well done Vampeta matey :thumbsup: The only crit I have is that the second car is not of the same high standard as the first one. For some reason I love “after the race” piece more than the actual “race”.
“After the race” has tons of personality and very interesting mood and I love the style on that piece. Very moody :thumbsup:

Overall everything very well done and good luck with the competition :deal:

Edit- Love that building in the background btw.


Hallo Alexander,

einen guten Rutsch und ein gesundes und friedliches neues Jahr

Beste Grüße

Ralf Stumpf

PS: und natürlich einen Platz unter den ersten zehn


A great deception for me to doesn’t see you at the top of the podium… as always with that kind of challenge, we must have to be sad at the end… I wish you the best for your continuation, and I remain for all the times a big fan of your art Alex :thumbsup:

seeya mate :slight_smile:


I second that :surprised :shrug:

I heard about you and your girlfriend ! Congratulations Alex , definitely great news …
I wish you all the best , all the happiness and everything :slight_smile:
To the happy couple :beer:
Hope to see you soon my friend :bounce:

Friendly yours -



I´d give you an award,dude:) Honestly, when I read the rules of this challenge, I thought on a “real” image, an “instant” like a photo…:shrug: well, I saw that many images were fictional…I don´t know,hehe


Well mate… good news for you in 2006 as I can see… you can congratulate your girlfriend for me… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

…and have fun with the party :beer:


Laurent, is this words for me?LOL hahah:thumbsup: And congrats to you my friend,hehe:scream:


"…IS THIS words…" LOL oh man, damn friday 13th…:smiley: :smiley:


Ah, damn… I was so hoping you’d be in the winners’ circle, Alex.

On the plus side, you’ve produced one stunning image (I still feel that your entry is one of the stronger entries I’ve seen) and taken your skills further than what they were before. Looking forward to seeing you next time, my friend. :slight_smile:


Hello my Friends.

I was just visiting again my thread to read all your nice words... 
I i want to say again thank you all!

I was hoping to see some other pictures on the podium but above all in the honorable mentions... Man there was a guy who had started 1 month bevore deadline, and his VERY FIRST POST was an already FINAL IMAGE ??!! 

Whatever.... I don´t want to reopen old wounds... this has already talked to the death i think ;)

            I´m just here to invite you to my new WEBSITE:[color=Yellow] [/color][b][WWW.ABALAKIN.DE](http://www.abalakin.de)[/b]


I dit a small tutorial how to make a Planet & i´m working more stuff to put there.
I hope you like it.

See ya soon


Whaouw Alex… your new personal website is fantastic… very good design, and good ergonomy…

It’s always a great pleasure for me to watch your creation :thumbsup:

Top Class Mate :thumbsup: :beer:


Agree with Laurent. Wonderful site, Alex!:thumbsup: ┤Zalo