Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss



great final and congratulations! I really like the retro/new age look.


@ Versiden :: Thanks friend… can´t wait to see your final finaly also :wink: hahaha great luck!

@ Cube.Inc :: Hey thanks!

@ ilusiondigital :: :beer:

[b]And by the way here is the design 4 the “RICHTHAMMER” Trading card i have posted in the finished 3D section.

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Hope you like it :wink:


I’ve been looking in on this from time to time, very nicely done indeed. Lighting especially.

Well done.


Nice !
This kind of shot is really cool ! Look like some cars caracteristics…
0 to 400 km/h in 8 seconds ?
Fasten your seatbelts !


in one word : WOUAW!
amaizing picture


No words can do justice for your work, Alex. :bowdown:

All the best to you and I look forward to seeing you again at the next Challenge, my friend. :slight_smile:


Hahahaha… this trading card is a real good idea… :thumbsup:


one of the best in 3d so far.:thumbsup:goodluck in the final judgement~


Great stuff Vampeta, very spectacular picture. Congrats for finishing it on time and good luck for the end result! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Veery cool!hehe, what are the flying guys thinking about?..552 km/h??don´t try this at home,man:D good luck!!


Hi pal,

…what should I say… I`m totally speechless!!! This is really some Spectacular Image :thumbsup: and the story around makes it to a comple masterpiece!!! You definitely you got my vote!!!


Great image dude, best of luck to you, with your final submission, will see you in the next contest I hope, I will do 3d first next time!:thumbsup:


masterpieces work man …:thumbsup:
Congrats for the final !:beer:
Good luck!!!


ding ding - spectacular work my fren. We have a winner!


i love racee image goood luck :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

sory my speak english :argh:


Oh wow nice entry man, live the composition and atmosphere, very nice, i think your previous challenges were alsome too, congrats on the final and best of luck to you in the judging!!


Well done Vampeta matey :thumbsup: The only crit I have is that the second car is not of the same high standard as the first one. For some reason I love “after the race” piece more than the actual “race”.
“After the race” has tons of personality and very interesting mood and I love the style on that piece. Very moody :thumbsup:

Overall everything very well done and good luck with the competition :deal:

Edit- Love that building in the background btw.


Hallo Alexander,

einen guten Rutsch und ein gesundes und friedliches neues Jahr

Beste Grüße

Ralf Stumpf

PS: und natürlich einen Platz unter den ersten zehn


A great deception for me to doesn’t see you at the top of the podium… as always with that kind of challenge, we must have to be sad at the end… I wish you the best for your continuation, and I remain for all the times a big fan of your art Alex :thumbsup:

seeya mate :slight_smile:


I second that :surprised :shrug:

I heard about you and your girlfriend ! Congratulations Alex , definitely great news …
I wish you all the best , all the happiness and everything :slight_smile:
To the happy couple :beer:
Hope to see you soon my friend :bounce:

Friendly yours -