Spectacular 3D Entry: Alexander Preuss


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It’s all imagination and science Fiction you see in this Picture.
It´s all about What if

What if the people in the 19th century had already the ability to hover

What if they are doing awesome World-Championships with hovering vehicles

[i]Saturday. 9 March 1910

One of my worst days
but also one of the best days in my whole life.
It is near at the end of the final lap. My RICHTHAMMER - Hover Racer runs like hell and everything seems to be perfect.
I can touch the smell of victory this time, and there are only 2000 meters to go. Only one last corner and there it is
the great arena
finishin line.
The crowd goes wild, and I can smell their testosterone. But something went wrong
what´s that noise
This dam sucker in the AUTO-UNION. DAM it! I´m HIT!
My rudder blocks and i can´t control my Hover-Racer. OH MY GOD
the sky turns red. Someone must have crashed into my left rudder.


Everything is like slow-motion now.
I can fell the pressure from my heartbeat bumping blood into my vains
. bum
. bum

My eyes went to the right side of my cockpit and I saw this pure guy in his racer hitting the track-margin and become a ball of fire flying right into the arena.

Things are speeding up again and heart is bumping like a capoeira drummer. VICTORY!
I cross the line short before that sun of a bitch to my right. It was his fault.

This should be the happiest day in my life, but my face is covered with tears

There he stands on the podium
to my right side. Smiling like he has won the race
but he doesn’t!!
This was my day!

There is only one thing left i have to do


It´s an incredible feeling to broke your fingers hitting that dam smiling bastard.

Now i feel better.



So let´s get busy… and good luck to everyone!!

More updates wiil come soon :wink: :scream: hahahaha

Cheers :beer: Alex


And now… at first view, all our familly have joined this challenge… we can start :scream: hahahaha…

Good luck and have fun Alexander :thumbsup:


Good luck and have fun , Vampeta!
good to see u partake again



Ditto! :bounce:


Have FUN Alex ! And give us a cool work again ! :wink:


Hey! Nice to see you participating again :slight_smile: Good luck to you! :buttrock:


goo luck vampeta


Hi alexander , I wish you all the best :thumbsup:


all the best alex… expecting some nice work from you man! :thumbsup:


orrit!! the whole army is here… lets march!!..

best of luck buddy… this challange is gonna b spectacular!! :bounce:


Best of luck, Alex; I loved your entry for the last Challenge and I know you’ll do great in this one. :slight_smile:


Good luck:thumbsup: .


Good luck Alex! I know you will do well! :thumbsup:


Good to see you here again Alex;) May your spectacular be more spectacular than any spectacular…


Easy Guys

Thanks 4 your warm welcome :bounce:

I will start next week on this one because im cuurently relocating. I have to set up my new server in my new appartement bevore i can work any good :scream: Hahaha

Lets rock this “spectacular” place

Cheers :beer: alex


conzept is set :slight_smile:

I always wanted to do a cool racing Image.

Here is my Idea:
It´s the Future
but not so far

The final lap of the F-A World championship.
A fight between the leader of the race and his chaser has ended in a SPECTACULAR disaster
. :slight_smile:

Ceers :beer: Alex


• Alexander the Great is oficially in!! welcome, and truly happy to see u, now, lets Play! :beer:


cool idea! Looking good so far, ncie work! :slight_smile:


A cool ideau for you… it’s sure… I already imagine your result… great :thumbsup: