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Come on Come All

In 1930, Mr. Benjamin Denver founded the Denver’s Circus Company, a median-scale and poor circus that presented it self in small-towns across of State. Five years after the Denver’s Circus foundation, in one of those little towns, Mr. Benjamin met James Molina, a First World War ex-soldier looking for a job in the area. Italian descendent, James impressed Mr. Benjamin by his physical scale and his extraordinary power, when he lifted seven men on a platform, for a few seconds. Without a doubt he hired him as a member of the group.

Many years went by
and the company didn’t make any improvement, still having a money problem. In spite of the Denver’s Circus having acquired a few new equipments, Mr. James Molina was still the biggest attraction. Even whit 52 years, he continued doing many achievements at the circus, especially when he lifted ‘Big Bob’, the 8.500 lbs. elephant, making the crowd delirious.

In 1946, a year supposed to be like many others, something special happened that made a statement for that generation. It happened in one of those little towns that the circus went, when the staff was building up the tend. The young Bruce, employee responsible for Big Bob’s trailer, get distracted and left it on the top of the slope without breaks.

At the same moment, far from her parent’s eyes, Jessica, a 5-year’s old girl, was playing with a colorful balloon near by the elephant. Scared, Big Bob started to move agitated making the trailer going down on the slope. The sisters Judith and Dorothy, two nuns, were passing by coming from the church, saw the trailer coming down the hill in the direction of the little girl and screamed for help.

Aware by the noise, Mr. James Molina, who was preparing the equipments for the night show, saw the trailer moving and run to try to avoid a big tragedy. With his power and his experience of many years of work, Mr. James accomplished the biggest achievement of his career and his live: stopping the elephant’s trailer and saving the little girl’s live. Until this days, the whole town still talks about this. Every newspaper, at that time, published the story of the little Jessica’s rescue by Mr. James Molina, ‘the strongest man in the world’.

The End


Hello, It’s my first contest in CGTalk. I hope to learn, have fun and colaborate. wish us luck…


Hey Alan ! Nice to see you here ! I am sure you are going to make a nice job !


This is my scene.
The idea is to show the star of a 50’s circus. “The strongest man in the world”. A man that can lift a car, an airplane and an elephant. his name: James. A man who is 46 years old, a veteran with extensive circus experience, great fame and ripped muscles. A paradox exists between the raw strength of James displayed by his overwhelming power to lift a chained elephant and innoscently fragile an looking girl, hoding a single baloon.

(sorry about my english)


for the moment nice theme, and you’r good on 2D! i’m impatient to see your 3d entry


i love the theme and concept of your idea…



I hope start now, because is that a specific theme. I’ll have to do several research about those years, (clothes, style, hair), but i hope can do that.



very fine concept ! good luck !


Such a wonderful concept. With the 50s motif in your scene, will add extra visual treats to the final scene. Hope to see more


Very interesting idea, Alan! I think it would be interesting if there was some sortof big crowd around the man, looking scared, while the little girl would be standing more to the front.

Boa sorte e bom trabalho!


Circus is a true spectacle. Great concept and sketch looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more.


Very cool skech
and very cool idea!
best luck for u! i will be waching here:thumbsup:
c ya


Lovely concept and sketch! It looks like pretty unique for the challenge too - good luck!


Hi Alan. Your sketch is very funy and beautiful :smiley:

Good luck!


I really like this! keep going.


Hi, great start. I love the elements of the scene. Good luck.


Hey “camera” hohoho :slight_smile: Wow that is the best of all the sketch i saw ! Great, great image, i like how you fill it with elements. it is very very good, you can tell a story just by looking on the elements…
“maybe the CIA (the policemen on the back) are going to hire the strong guy” or “the children is talking to her papa about the school today” hahahaha great ! I am really cheering for you :slight_smile:


Hi, Mister Alan. Great sketch, dude. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for sure! Have you started modeling? Good luck, dude! :slight_smile:


Very nice work and a great idea. good luck with this!


nice one :thumbsup: