Spectacular 2D Entry: Zanne Papageorgantis


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Amazoniad


good luck and have fun.:slight_smile:


First post here. No huge concept, just your basic all-out-war-ancient-battle-half-naked-raging-amazon-barbarian-warrior kind of thing.


Throwing some basic color down.


nice sketch, neat idea, good luck :slight_smile:
just saw the color version, love the sky :applause:


great sketch.nice concept.:thumbsup:
can’t wait for more.cheers.


Hi Zanne,

Great start! the horses and the people look very convincing. :thumbsup: Great character drawing skills.

Maybe I would consider to insert some very big architecture or somthing near it. It breaks up the pure sky in the background and adds also adds some story and additional eyecatcher.




This is great, cant wait to see how it progresses :slight_smile:


Grat start, I allredy like the clouds a lot!

Keep it up


half-naked! can’t wait for details :slight_smile: good luck. nice sky that enhances the dramatic & epic moment.


Did some work on the horses and added some dust. I need to go back and work out the underdrawing and actually design the characters.


Fahrija, I agree with you about it needing something in the distance. I’m thinking of maybe raising the hill on the right and silhouetting more distant soldiers to make the army look huge.
I dont want anything too big in the BG cuz I want to keep the focus swirling around the center. Maybe some vultures circling…


very welldone~everything looks great~especially the the characters are in nice dynamic line of action as well as the horses.good job on the sketch!:thumbsup:



A beautiful sketch.

The anatomy of the horses and the girls looks just great. And the start ytou’ve made on the painting looks incredibly assured and massively promising! I really can’t wait to see you paint this one up!



hi Zanne
yes wow! thats a superb sketch! and the coloured ones look fantastic!
respect man!cheers!


how did i miss this??
this looks amazing! im sticking here fore more!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :drool: :drool:


good idea. :thumbsup: Maybe some indication of vegetation like little trees or bushes between the army on the hill just to give the environment an individual touch.

the texture of the horses look great allready in this early stage.




looks awesome…great colors…atmosphere.nice compsitions too.looking forward 2 this 1.


Beautiful work - very accomplished style - lots of regular updates please!


Great sketch indeed. I like the idea about getting a massive amount of soldiers on the background. Curious to see where this is going.