Spectacular 2D Entry: Wilfrid ARNOLD


Wilfrid ARNOLD is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept Sketch: tightrope walker


good luck.:slight_smile:


what about a tightrope walker trying to make is turn, very high in the sky, from one airship to another? is it a dream or a pure suicidal intention? hum… believe me or not, this guy did it. pure magic.


neat idea, good luck,


hey Wilfrid, great concept, mainly because this is something that we can see today, yet which is extremely horrifying!!:slight_smile: so how bout pulling far back, making it a wide shot, exposing both airships, lot’s of clouds, really show how high these things are?? good luck!


now that’s a stunt. good luck


thx. not easy to create original & truly spectacular artwork (not saying that my concept is… :). maybe because we are flooded with many stunning visualfx from TV and movies. there is no easy challenge after all. good luck

thx. I’ve tried a landscape view depicting the two airships but I want to focus on the walker. I mean, placing the point of view near him, to make us feel dizzy. yes, the key part of this concept is to create a convicing sky at a high altitude.

thx. glad to see that you entered the challenge. I’m sure that you will create an exciting & spectacular piece of art. good luck.


Greetings! Idea super! It is pleasant successes!

Excuse for bad English
Yours faithfully LexLe :slight_smile:


thx Lexle. seems that people are reviewing my ‘old’ material :slight_smile: well, I’m currently experimenting new concepts. I will not go on working on the thightrope walker.


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