Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Very impressive! And very spectacular!

Davno sleju za tvoey rabotay, o4en o4en nravitsia :slight_smile: Veselaya i dobraya kartinka polu4aetsa :thumbsup: Tak derjat! Interesno posmotret, 4to budet v konce!


Looks great. I hadn’t seen it since before the hamster guys were added, so it made me laugh. :slight_smile: Best of luck.


This is a great idea, and its coming along splendidly! Very funny.


simply awesome.
loved the speedy look of the animals in the foreground…esp. the horse!

expression on the dragon is real nice…

well done

waiting to see the final painting.


hi bro …this is really so incredible screen…it’s so funny and so impressive.
The deepness of the enviroment and the dynamism is so succesful.
Even the small shut is enough, this is really one of my favorites…
good luck and hurry my bro…


My favourite until know. Fantastic job!


great composition, brilliant idea, i love the idea and the realisation… good luck!


haha so funny! and so dynamic … i love this. great job hamsterfly :smiley: :thumbsup::love:


Hope you’ll get this finished in time. Me truly likes that style and not too serious idea;)


Hommy! Wassup? Where all the updates??? There’s not so much time left! Hurry up! Hamster’s Power!!!


thanks ! I am glad that the castle not seems too curve
Otherwise It will be difficult for the hamsters living in the castle to move… They will always slide 8)

oz haver Thanks man ! I will do the little color adjustment… closer to finish

VERY Big thanks and cheers To all of you guys ! :beer:
your words inspiring me so much !
best of luck to you !

trancecaster thaks !
Many fine ideas and images at this competition and I love all original and ridiculous
and all serious too 8)

antTON Hamster’s POWER BRO ! :beer: i wil hurry as much as i can !
thanks for support !


Great fabulous atmosphere. Great style.

First I saw this I thought that the dragon is a tree :slight_smile: but maybe It was my fault.

Good luck!


This is definitely up there with my favourites - Very dynamic, and very funny!

Keep at it! :thumbsup:


weedlog ! Thanks very much for comment !
If to abstract from an event… That a dragon is become similar to a tree :slight_smile:

Mythmaker thanks for such comment it’s give me a charge of positive energy
good luck to you !


WOW SO funny ;D


What have i not post on your thread before?! Fabulous work man! One of my favourites with any doubts!:love: Love your funny style.Dragon body and facial expression looks so crazy! Very good work man! Good luck for the deadline.:bounce:


Ha ha exellent humor image :applause: :applause: :applause:

Good luck to you :thumbsup:


this is incredibly dynamic and at the time dramatic~nicely cinematographed!:thumbsup:


Every time i look at this it makes me laugh. It’s hilarious.

The little hamsters are fantastic and the overall colours are spot on! Good luck!


this are the brave warrior “Hairy ear”
in the left side, and the mighty “big tooth” on the right 8))))