Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


I was absent some time… Already soon the end of competition and

It is still a lot of work, but I hope to make it in time

Thank to Gigem, 3dmiao, zpapageo, tAsty BITs, anilduran - for comments :slight_smile:


go for gold, hamster! :slight_smile:


Haha, this is the funniest picture I have seen for a long time. I love the expressions on the faces. Good luck


Oh no! Hamsters have considered themselves true soldiers of light
Now they refuse to submit to orders.
This little beasts, have absolutely gone mad :argh: :twisted:
and have locked me in a pantry… Well, here there is a little bit of food,
and a computer with internet connection… :rolleyes:
I shall try to hold on couple of days… :curious: :drool: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Viktor! Really nice work!

I really think that your picture is different from many others because it is not only technically outstanding but it is also entertaining and has an interesting story to tell. I wonder what will happen next…:slight_smile:


hahaha, that look on dragons face is killing me :smiley: and my gf sitting besides me. U r doing a great job, just make sure to finish it in time. dont have any critics really, so just good wishes and best of luck man! :slight_smile:


Absolutly awesom image!! colors, lightings, dynamics…speechless :eek:
Уважаемый Виктор! меня просто поражают ваши работы своей техникой и…освещением :slight_smile: давно ли Вы рисуете?


Pat Piper - thanks ! I am realy glad that you think that my work is noteworthy :slight_smile:

NinjaASSN I hope you like it in the finished variant too :slight_smile:

Desten Hi ! i engaged in digital painting not so long ago… It is my third serious work :rolleyes:
Before I studied in art school and played video games :smiley:


Al…most…there… good luck Viktor - you rule! (the hamster kingdom)


Go! Go! I look forward to updatings!
I like very much your work!
Good luck! :thumbsup:


I like this kind of idea. ahahaha looks great. Keep it up.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: …bounce…bounce…bounce


This is how it looks now…
Now I work at details of a castle
Only 5 days up to the end…
I still hope to finish work in time 8)


You have to finish my friend - this has one of the most spectacular perspective view and dynamic composition within the challenge.

Well, I wish you a good workflow in the finishing line.




Your work is totally my taste,rich colour and great composition…And I love the facial expression of the dragon,thats really cool
keep it !! and cheers :slight_smile:


budy you r going to get the first place in this contest…gooooooooood one…:thumbsup:


can’t believe i missed that this is just too damn good. love the design, the dynamics, the omposition, but the characterdesign tops it all, loooooove your style!
keep on rocking mate!


Hi, Viktor! Excellent work! Excellent characters and certainly colors!
Very cheerfully and dynamically! :thumbsup:
Good luck !


Fahrija Thanks I hope your words become the truth :slight_smile:

Michael Chang Thank ! and good luck to you in the callenge !

naresh I all have reddned… Now I’m the confused hamster :rolleyes:

the1st_angel Thanks for this words:) your entry is absolutely awesome !

i need advice… how you think, is the architecture of the castle not too deformed in the right side ?

Wish goood luck to all challengers ! this is so much brilliant works in this contest,
great opportunity to collect experience !


This is great!!! definitely one of the best!
I think the castle is working very well.


This is one of my favorite entries! It puts a smile in my face hehehe I like your sense of humor. I like it that is very painterly. I really look forward to see this finished! I think the color can sustain to be a little bit more vivid and brighter :wink: :thumbsup: Great work!!!