Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Beautiful coloring. This should be quite awesome once it’s done. Best of luck and keep up the good work!


Just noticed the two hamsters hanging on to the dragon for dear life, this image keeps getting better, but oppressed hamsters everywhere are craving a serious update!! ; )


Colors, composition, etc. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


very nicely executed, hamster number 1, on the left is my favourite :smiley:


Wow !! Colours and movement are so great !! I love it !
Well done ! It’s so funny too ! … That dragon head is great …


nice cocept and design, i’m fan


Want to see update,more -more-more!


1541 - :slight_smile: oh… I am confused, Thank for your kind relation…

thanks it is still necessary to make a lot 8)


thank to you for kind comments, I realy appreciate it :slight_smile:

Jose Pardo Yes hamsters should be protected ! i will do it :bounce:

spyroteknik That hamster is my self-portrait :rolleyes:

SONIC-X :slight_smile: the update will be soon…

Work on details demands a lot of time :sad: …


Hi Viktor,
This is really nice, the colors and composition works great!
One thing though… The hamsters hanging on to the dragon appears to be very large compares to the rider. If you intended the hamsters to be mansize, you need to make the closest hamsters much larger than now.
Looking great anyway!


continue of detailing…
there is a sqirrel on tne horse Instead of the horseman 8)))


These hamsters will make me mad :bounce:

I think of them all day 8)))))))


Hi! It’s looking very great! I like your idea with the substitution of the horseman!

Yeah! I understand you very well! :))))


Very expressive characters Viktor. Nice painting and composition. Your characters are adorable. I’ve got my eye on this one.


That’s gonna hurt! =0)

Your work is lookin’ better and better!

Keep up! :buttrock:


Atris thanks for Compassion Sergey :slight_smile:

Thanks for encouragement, its very important to me 8)

cyberarts Thanks ! i hope you like it, when I shall finish it :slight_smile:


I like it, man:thumbsup:
I like all. Both a composition and illumination and characters and the organization of a stage.

It really cool!


very funny piece! nice idea, good luck Viktor!


Nice work. the colors are great and the composition solid. Excellent!


Awsome work, such good detail on the dragons head!


Victor bro this is really so interesting concept …quixotic…:scream:
Especially labour cost on the dragon eye is really so effected me.
lighting is so succesful, atmosphere is really good…
May be there would be much more detail, but already it will be…:thumbsup:

go on bro very good…