Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


hahaha… this will be one of the funniest pics ever! I looove the expression on the dragons face and those little fellows r marvelous! Great concept, Im just not sure about the format yet… do u plan to keep the one u submited the last? I would go for a slightly more portrait one. But this is just my opinion. Keep the great work man! :smiley:


just a good luck in your fight from my guinea pig gang to your hamsterarmy…

you go hamsterfly… :wip:
hope to see an update soon…


That´s a fresh and different idea. :thumbsup: I very much like the perspective angle and the arrangement of the different things. The impact of the dragon looks very cool and spectacular allready.




I’ve already said I love your colors,the wide angled perspectives, the backlighting and the expressions of the characters…

Although I do like your last cropped comp, I kinda like the sky and bg in the previous post:http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/spectacular/image.php?entry_id=52605
I gived the comp some “air” to breathe, and added to the wide angle scale of the enviroment.

The animal characters are nice, dont change the dragon, the right sqirrel on the horse needs some work.
I especially enjoyed the one hanging in the air from the dragon:bounce:



crazy idea!

hehehe…very funny, and the coloring is wonderful…


Thanks for kind words :slight_smile: i will glad to seee you again !

Thanks a lot ! I shall continue searches of a suitable format
But most likely it will be closer to initial… the wider one

Yes! Thanks for a reinforcement in the form of three jedi - pig knights :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for support… I necessarily use your advice …Remarkable idea vith sqirrel on a horse… :thumbsup:

p.s. sorry for my english


this image is awesome! i cant get enough of those hamsters! :buttrock:


Excellent and original idea, looking good so far, waiting to see more! :beer:


My fav in this challenge so far. Keep it up!

peace, pete


The Peteboy
Thank I am very grateful for your compliments ! :cool:
I shall try to not disappoint you in the final work !

poor dragon :cry:


no way man. screw the dragon. hamster POWER!


hey dude u r the one who is going to be in top…my best wishess with you and u r the winner dont worry…i never seen this kind of work b4 yur imagination and every thing is tooooooooooo goooooodddddddddddddddddd…all d best good luck dude


[left]Slav - hamsters are grateful to you :rolleyes: [/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]naresh -[/left]
Oh did not expect to hear such words
Many different excellent artists on this site are worthy such compliments
But I only a small hamster with a brush in a hand… :slight_smile:


keeps getting better, you’re doing a really good job there :thumbsup:



i love the little hamsters.
Very funny !


loverly ! you have a great style.

much luck


Hey dude! Your pice is the most fun I’ve seen in last year at least! And The I like your style a lot! Good luck! I hope you’ll win!
Èäåÿ ïðîñòî ÑÓÓÓÏÅÐ! ß êàê óâèäåë åãî ñïëþñíóòóþ ôèçèîíîìèþ-÷óòü êîôå íå ïîäàâèëñÿ! ß ðàñ÷èòûâàþ ñëèòü ôèíàëüíóþ âåðñèþ, òàê ÷òî óæ íå ïîäêà÷àé :wink:


Thanks a lot for your comments ! I realy appreciate your opinions :slight_smile:

to antTON
I have not understood the second part of the message, a little :rolleyes:
But anyway… СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ !:scream:


There is litte doubt in my mind that the little hamster is gonna win the contest. You are my favourite anyway, from the images i’ve seen so far.

I have only just noticed the little hamster that is hanging on one of the dragon’s spikes :slight_smile:


The BEST! :smiley: